The Daemon Ritus

The Daemon Ritus

The Daemon Ritus is a mystical, ancient magical relic and a key plot element in the 2002 Scooby Doo live-action film. Legend has it that it is capable of absorbing any living organism's vital energy.

The Daemon Ritus is the key to conquer Earth by the hands of ancient demons, after completing the evil "Darkopolypse Ritual". Scrappy-Doo who was changed by the Daemon Ritus' supernatural magic, used the relic to control the demons, morph into a powerful giant monster, and try to destroy Mystery Inc., with obvious failure.

It has 3 forms: Fully closed which looks like a pyramid: half open which looks like the net for a square-based pyramid: and fully open which almost looks like a square but with little gaps.



  • The Daemon Ritus' name comes from 2 separate meanings:
    • "Daemon" is a term for a demon or an evil spirit.
    • "Ritus" is a Latin word meaning a religious ceremony or a rite as one can call it.
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