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The Dark Prognosticus

Though the man in red shall wield formidable powers, one shall stand against him, the man in green shall use the Chaos Heart to bring darkness to all.
~ One of the written pages of the Dark Progonosticus.

The Dark Prognosticus, also known as the Book of Prophecies, is an evil book in the videogame Super Paper Mario, and it is one book that foretells doom and destruction through the user creating a lifeless, useless universal void.

It is unknown who wrote this book, however; certain events within the game give certain clues to believe the author is Dimentio. Count Bleck stole this book from his tribe, the Tribe of Darkness, in order to get revenge for his father cursing his beloved girlfriend Timpani. The Count wanted to use this book to destroy all worlds, for all worlds were meaningless without his dear love.

Merely by reading the book, people can go through a total personality change; no matter how good they are, they will end up with evil intentions. Many have sought after this book, hoping to find eternal happiness and glory. Instead, the horrors within drove them all insane.

After Mario and Co. defeated Super Dimentio, the book "faded into history", never to be seen again by anyone else.

Powers and Abilities

The Dark Prognosticus is a powerful and dangerous tome with hidden magic beyond comprehension. It is said to have the power to destroy the universe and all dimensions.



  • Many nations and countless individuals have fought over this book, bringing their own demise in the process. Ironically, this was foretold in the Dark Prognosticus itself.
  • This evil book was first stolen from the Tribe of Ancients, when the Tribe of Darkness split from them. That's also why the Tribe of Darkness was to not be mentioned.