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The Dark Wizards

Dark Wizards

Wait a minute, son. Wait a minute. You ain't seen nothin' yet.
~ Randell Flagg demonstrating his demonic magic.

A common trope in the fantasy, fairy tale, and horror genres, Dark Wizards, also referred to as Evil Wizards, Wicked Wizards, Wicked Warlocks, Evil Warlocks, and Malevolent Magicians, are one of the most famous of classic villains.

Although there are stories that tell of wizards who are on the side of good, there are also stories of wizards who use their powers only for evil.

Dark Wizards are evildoers who use the power of the dark arts to carry out their bad deeds, often using evil magic to bend others to their will. Some are driven by power-hungry rage or selfish greed, and often seek revenge against those who crossed them in the past (usually centuries or millennia ago). These male spellcasters come across as tyrants, liars, con artists, thieves, murderers, kidnappers, ringmasters, child killers, cult leaders, and even curse-bearers.

Lord Voldemort, Jafar, and Mola Ram are three of the most potent examples.

Whether they are bestowing ancient evil curses on the innocent or bent on using their dark magic to rule the world, these wizards mean business - deadly business.

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