Villainous Overview

Deception, Manipulation and Treachery

I'll pour this pestilence into his ear.
~ Iago plotting to lie to Othello that Desdemona slept with Cassio.

In any story, the villain can trick or persuade the hero, heroine, or another person by using lies and treachery for these reasons:

  • To cause someone's downfall.
  • To take over a kingdom or a state or a planet.
  • To shatter the bond between the protagonist and someone he or she cares about.
  • To lure the hero into his trap.
  • To achieve the fame he is entitled to.
  • To frame somebody for the wrongdoings.
  • Try to use the hero/heroine as a pawn.

A Complete Monster or any other villain, even a remorseful one, can use lies and treachery to get his or her way, which can propel a story forward.


What a nice boat. Do you want it back?
~ Pennywise luring Georgie into his trap.
(Flint Lockwood: My dad thinks I should turn it off.) Geniuses like us are never understood by their fathers, Flint. (Flint Lockwood: But what if things go...) Who needs the approval of one man when you can have it from millions of acquaintances? Not to mention that little cutlet Sam Sparks. And me. I've always felt that you were like a son to me, Flint. (The mayor tosses Steve aside like a rag doll.) And I'm gonna be so proud of you tomorrow when you cut that ribbon, save the town, and prove to everybody what a great inventor you are. So here's the cheese: You can keep it going, get everything you've ever wanted, and be the great man I know you can be. Or, you can turn it off, ruin everything, and no one will ever like you. It's your choice. (He echoes the last three words in Flint's ear).
~ Mayor Shellbourne persuading Flint Lockwood to overwork the FLDSMDFR.
(Jane is sad that she's unable to get home until she hears crying. She steps into the jungle and notices that it's Hook weeping. She steps up to him and taps him on the shoulder with his sword. Hook spins around.) (Jane, bravely: Stay where you are!) Please, go right ahead. Run me through. You'll be doing me a favor. (Jane: All right. I give up. What's your problem? (Hook sniffles.) All I ever wanted was to get away from this dreadful place... (pulls out a locket showing his mother) ...and home to my dear, sweet mother. But blast it all! Peter stole my treasure, and my men would mutiny if I so much as tried to leave without it. So here I am... (blows nose) ...stuck in this absurd place. (He calms down.) My sources tell wish to return home as well. (Jane, with a sigh: You got that right. Guess we're in the same boat.) The same boat! That's it!) (Jane: W-what's it?) I'll give you passage home on my ship, and you can help me recover my treasure. Don't you see? The treasure's useless to Peter. He's not sensible like you and I. He's just a boy who'll never grow up. (Jane: Hmm. Tell me about it.) And really, what other choice do you have. It's not as though you could FLY home. (Jane: Hmm, well, I suppose. If it's really no use to Peter...) (Hook swipes his sword from her.) Splendid, splendid! (Jane: Wait! (sternly) You must swear NOT to harm Peter.) Me, actually harm Peter Pan? Perish the thought! It's all a game, you see. I shan't harm him. You have my word. (Hook pulls the feather from his hat and writes a contract on paper.) "I, Captain James Hook, do hereby swear not to harm a single hair on Peter Pan's head." You see? (He kisses the locket.) Leave the light on, Mommy. Your baby boy is coming home. (Hook turns to Jane and gives her a small whistle.) Now, when you've located the treasure, just give this a wee toot. You're doing the right thing my dear. I'm your only way home. (At these words, Hook slinks into the jungle.)
~ Captain Hook tricking Jane into believing he'll help her get back home if she helps him find his treasure.
Nobody means for these things to happen...but the king IS dead. And if it weren't for you, he'd still be alive.
~ Scar lying to Simba about Mufasa's death.
Ralph, do you know what the hardest part about being a king is? Doing what's right, no matter what. (Wreck-It Ralph: Get to the point.) The point being, I need your help. Sad as it is, Vanellope cannot be allowed to race. (Wreck-It Ralph: Why are you people so against her?) I'm not against her. I'm trying to PROTECT her. If Vanellope wins that race, she'll be added to the race roster. Then, gamers can choose her as their avatar, and when they see her glitching and twitching and just being herself, they'll think our game is broken. We'll be put out of order for good! All my subjects will be homeless. But there is one who cannot escape because she's a glitch! And when the game's plug is pulled...she'll die with it. (Wreck-It Ralph: You don't know what'll happen. The gamers could love her.) And if they don't? I know it's tough, but heroes have to make the tough choices, don't they? She can't race, Ralph, but she won't listen to me. So can I count on you to talk a little sense into her?
~ King Candy lying to Wreck-It Ralph about Vanellope's programming.
Your sister is dead, because of you!
~ Prince Hans lying to Elsa that she killed her sister.
Oh Zoey, don’t you get it yet? There’s no longer a choice. Mike. Is. Gone. And he’s never coming back.
~ Mal lying to Zoey that Mike is never coming back
Sadly, the boy's sentence has already been carried out. (Jasmine: What sentence?) Death. (Jasmine gasps.) By beheading. Oh, I am exceedingly sorry, Princess. (Jasmine: How could you?! [Runs out of the room in tears]) (Iago finally manages to free himself from the door and perches on Jafar's shoulder.) (Iago: So, how'd it go?) I think she took it...rather well.
~ Jafar lying to Jasmine about Aladdin's execution.
(Po: No more running, Shen! Now, answers!) You want to know so badly? You think knowing will heal you? Fill some crater in your soul? Well, here's your answer. Your parents DIDN'T love you. But here, let me heal you! (blasts Po out of the factory with his cannon)
~ Lord Shen sadistically lying to Po that his parents abandoned him before blasting the panda out of the factory with his cannon.
Oh, Arnold didn't tell you? We planned to go look for his precious green eyed people.
~ Lasombra lying to Arnold's class about the "deal" he made with Arnold.
Oh, please, I've seen this before. But he was always weak minded. You are Discord, you are legend, you cannot fall into the same trap that claimed my brother! Help me to grow strong, and be rewarded with something far greater than friendship. Freedom. Once I've stripped these ponies of their magic, nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see their world turned upside down. Who better to do so than the master of chaos himself? Join me, Discord, and reclaim your greatness. Unless, of course, 'pony errand boy' is the role you've always wanted to play in this world.
~ Tirek urges Discord to join him.
(Lapis falls to her hands and knees and attempts to flee, but Jasper grabs her leg.) Come here, brat! Ah, don't fly off so soon. (Steven: Lapis! [tries to run over to Lapis, but Pearl and Amethyst stop him.]) Lapis, listen, fuse with me! (Lapis: What?!) How long did they keep you trapped here on this miserable hunk of rock? (drops Lapis) (Lapis: Ugh!) These Gems, they're traitors to their Homeworld. They kept you prisoner. They used you. This is your chance to take revenge! Come on, just say yes. (Steven: Lapis, don't do it!)
~ Jasper manipulating Lapis Lazuli to fusing.
(Dean McCoppin: Don't shoot! There's a kid in his hand! Kent, he only acts defensively. If you don't shoot, he's harmless. You gotta tell the general!) This is all your fault, beatnik! If you hadn't-- (Dean McCoppin: Will you shut up and listen?! You gotta make them stop! The Giant's got the kid with him!) (Kent decides that he'll take care of the Giant.) I'll take care of it. (Dean leaves and Kent instead lies to Rogard, saying that the Giant has killed Hogarth.) He said the monster has killed a kid. Sir, we must stop it at all costs.
~ Kent Mansley lying to General Rogard that the Giant killed Hogarth.
(Mrs. Turner hears a phone call from Vicky and and picks up her cell phone.) (Mrs. Turner: Hello? (Mrs. Turner becomes shocked.) Timmy did what?!) (Vicky can now tell Mr. and Mrs. Turner that Timmy has watched TV as she turns on the TV.) Turned on your TV as soon as you left. (However, Vicky instead lies to Mr. and Mrs. Turner, saying that Timmy had sabotaged their house.) Oh, but that's not all, he broke your vase, (Vicky knocks the vase off.) precious family portrait, (Vicky throws the portrait of the Turner family into a paper shredder.) torched your piano, (Vicky burns the piano with a flame thrower.) and wrote "My parents stink!" and "Dinkleberg Rulez!" on your living room walls! (Vicky uses spray paint to write the insults on the walls.) Hello, can you hear me? Hello? (Mr. and Mrs. Turner become extremely furious as they act in a nuclear explosion, blowing the top of Mr. Dinkleberg's house, believing that Timmy had destroyed their house.) (Both, enraged: TIMMY!!!!) (The roof of Mr. Dinkleberg's house falls flat on the house.) That twerp is going to be in so much trouble, I should get my camera. (laughs evilly.)
~ Vicky tricks Mr. and Mrs. Turner into thinking that Timmy had vandalized the Turner family house.
Leaving early? (Fred Flintstone: Actually, the wife and I were gonna have dinner tonight at Cavern on the Green.) Ooh, pricey. Be sure to put that on your expense count. Fred, before you go-- (He pulls out firing notices and places them on Fred's desk.)--would you mind chipping your "X" on a couple of these? (Fred Flintstone: Yeah, sure. What are they?) Well, you sign these, and your buddies down in the quarry get some much-needed time off. (Fred Flintstone: No kiddin'! Well, I guess Mr. Slate finally noticed all those memos I've been sendin' in. (chuckles) I hope the guys will know who's to thank for this.) I'll make sure you get all the credit. (Cliff leaves the office, and Fred begins to sign the notices.)
~ Cliff Vandercave tricking Fred Flintstone into signing firing notices for all the quarry workers.
Humans kill Caesar! Burn ape home! Go get them! Apes must attack human city! Fight back! Come! Fight for Caesar!
~ Koba lying to Blue Eyes and other apes that Caesar was killed by humans, than the ape village.
Great warriors of past, I welcome you. This samurai has failed his purpose and has accepted his fate. (...) This does not concern you. There is no hope. (...) Hope is just a fleeting sentiment. Your failure is real. You must face the consequences or continue to bear the guilt of your dishonor for all eternity. (...) Death follows in your wake. Men, women, children. Yes, all those children dead because of you!
~ The Omen manipulating Jack into believing he has failed his purpose as a samurai and attempts have him commit seppuku.
Monsieur Yamaguchi, so nice to see you. (Mr. Yamaguchi: As you know, I am stepping down as president of Yamaguchi Industries, and I've begun a search for my replacement.) (Coco LaBouche: Splendid! I accept.) (Mr. Yamaguchi: You are one of them many under consideration.) But I've made millions for this company! (Mr. Yamaguchi: The candidate should not be concerned only with money. They must understand what means to bring joy to children. In fact, they themselves must have the heart of a child.) (softly) I must have one in a jar somewhere. (Angelica, who is under Coco's desk eating chocolates hears what she just said and gasps) (Coco turns to her boss.) in fact, I'm engaged to a wonderful man with a baby thing of his own. (Mr. Yamaguchi: Ah, congratulations, Madame. I look forward to the wedding, and seeing you with your new family. We'll discuss the promotion then. Good-bye.) (Screen turns off)
~ Coco LaBouche lying to Mr. Yamaguchi about being engaged to a man with his own child.
(In the Nome boiler room...) (Wild Joe: I don't get it. How could Balto hope to find Steele and his team? They were off the trail.) (Jenna: Well, he's tracking them.) (Morse: That mutt? Tracking a championship team in a blizzard?!) (laughs; a couple others join in; their laughter is cut short when suddenly, the door swings open and everyone gasps when they see a dog covered in ice and snow.) (Jenna: Balto?) (Her hope disappears when everyone recognizes the dog.) (Dogs: Steele! You're back! You're alive! Where've you been? Are ya okay?) (They toss Steele a bone. He chews on it savagely.) (Doc: Steele, where are the others?) Well... one by one, they fell. Frozen. Barely alive. (He shakes the icicles off him and the other dogs duck, and they impale the wall above them) I pulled four onto the sled... and three more on my back. (counts his fingers) And, uh, I walked... and I walked. But it was just... it was too late. They were... (pretends to sob) (Doc: What about the medicine?) Well, uh, I went on, dragging the medicine alone, all alone, and... and then suddenly... that wolf-dog appeared, Balto! He demanded I let him take the medicine. You know, he just wanted so much to be a hero in your eyes. And he grabbed the crate... but he couldn't handle it. He couldn't see the patch of ice... The snow, the wind and... And then the log and the cliff... Well, he just didn't have a chance ... He just... (pretends to sob) I'm sorry. And then... (Steele pulls out Jenna's bandana he wrestled from Balto earlier) (Jenna: [gasps] My bandana!) He made me promise to take care of you, Jenna. (Jenna takes a sniff from her bandana, then looks back at Steele. Her eyes narrow.) (Jenna: You're lying. [Steele nervously looks at the others] STEELE'S LYING! Balto's alive! And he's coming home!) (Jenna runs out the door. Steele watches her leave, then turns to the others.) Uh... Well, you know, she needs a little time.
~ Steele lying to the other dogs that Balto and the sled team died in the snowstorm. Only Jenna sees straight through his lies.
(Jill has just failed to convince Dr. Baker to postpone the gala and frustratedly gets her walkie talkie.) (Jill Young: Cecily-- [she bumps into a man, causing her to drop her walkie-talkie] Oh, sorry!) No, my fault. (Jill picks up her walkie talkie and turns to leave) Excuse me. (Jill Young: Yes?) It's just--... (Jill Young: What?) You must be Jill Young. (Jill Young: Yes.) And you look just like her. (Jill Young: Who?) Your mother. (Jill stares at Strasser with suspicion in her eyes) (Jill Young: You knew my mother?) Yes. I'm an old friend of your mother's. I knew her when she was, uh, only a little older than you. And you were just a tiny thing. What an incredible woman she was. (Jill Young: Yeah.) I'm sorry. I'm Andrei Strasser. I've come here to talk with your Mr. Baker. Actually, I'm here for Joe. (Jill Young: Joe?) And, in a way, for your mother, too. I believe she would agree with me. A magnificent wild animal like Joe needs more space. Like the Raja Preserve I run in Botswana. (Jill Young: Raja Preserve?) It's 20,000 acres there where the animals are free to run. Here it's such a shame to see Joe living in a man-made habitat... and being used as an attraction to raise money. But I upset you. (Jill Young: No.) Please. I only mean to offer an alternative. Anyway, here's my card. (hands his card to Jill) I'll be attending, uh, the event tonight. Maybe we can talk more about this matter then. (Jill Young: I look forward to it.) (Jill holds out her right hand to shake Strasser's hand. Strasser shakes it with his left hand to throw off her suspicions) Yeah. Bye. (Strasser turns and heads for the door with a sinister smirk forming on his face.)
~ Andrei Strasser tricking Jill Young (who fails to recognize him as the poacher who murdered both her mom and Joe's) into believing he'll take good care of Joe back in Africa.
And because you've been so good to poor old Granny, I'll share a secret with you. This is no ordinary apple, it's a magic wishing apple. (Snow White: A wishing apple?) Yes! One bite, and all your dreams will come true. (Snow White: Really?) Yes, girlie. Now, make a wish, and take a bite.
~ Queen Grimhilde tricks Snow White into thinking the poison apple is a magic wishing apple.
(Alvin, Simon and Theodore are hanging out in the dessert table.) (Theodore: Has anyone tried the chocolate meatballs?) (Theodore stuffs a chocolate in his mouth.) (Simon: I'll probably go into insulin shock. But it's worth it.) (Alvin: Oh, a sweet, sweet, sweet molasses meat.) (Ian comes by to check on the Chipmunks.) Hey, Alvster. Love the song, bro. (Ian gives Alvin a high-five.) Up top. (Alvin: What's up, player?) So I see you're enjoying my little spread that I've put out for you guys. What am I talking about? You probably eat like this all the time. (Alvin: Well, Dave says he doesn't wanna spoil us.) Dude, you're a rock star. You're supposed to be spoiled. I mean, you should be riding in limousines and private planes. And you should be going to parties like this every night. (Alvin: Really? Because Dave says we need our sleep.) Look, Alvin, this is hard to say but, I mean, I gotta be upfront about it. Dave's holding you back, you know. I could be making you 20 large a day. (Alvin: Is that a lot?) Yes. Another thing--I'm not gonna tell you. I will tell you. Look, behind your back, Dave calls you..."The Rats". (Alvin, Simon and Theodore become shocked.) (Alvin: Rats?) Yeah. Whatever, right? I know. Well, don't let it bother you. I mean, me? I consider you boys family. And if there's anything you need, anything at all, (Ian gives Alvin his phone number.) Give your uncle Ian a call, all right? (Alvin: Oh, right.) Ciao. (Ian leaves.)
~ Ian Hawke tricks Alvin, Simon and Theodore into thinking that Dave Seville calls them "The Rats" and is holding them back.
(The residents of Springfield are moving towards the dome and try to destroy it. In Washington, Russ Cargill shows President Schwarzenegger the scene on TV) Look what they're doing to our dome. (The screen shows the people trying to break through the dome. An elephant also charges it, and is knocked out cold as soon as he collides with the dome. The camera zooms in to this point, and shows a small crack forming. Cargill points to it) You know what that is, sir? (President Schwarzenegger: A crack?) Exactly. First let me stick to the problem. People got out of the dome before, they're gonna get out again. And when they do, there's gonna be hearings, investigations... (President Schwarzenegger: Gotten Himmel! I’ll have to go back to making family comedies! [looks at a movie poster for Diaper Genie and groans]) Don't worry, I have a solution for you, sir. In fact, I have five solutions. (Sets down five more folders on the President's desk) You don't even have to read them. You'll have deniability. I'll take care of it. You know nothing. (The President stares at the folders hesitantly.) (President Schwarzenegger: No. I need to know what I’m approving.) Absolutely. But on the other hand, knowing thing is overrated. Anyone can pick something when they know what it is. It takes real leadership to pick something you're clueless about. (President Schwarzenegger: Okay, I pick three.) Try again. (President Schwarzenegger: One.) Go higher. (President Schwarzenegger: Five?) Too high. (President Schwarzenegger: Three?) You already said three. (President Schwarzenegger: Six?) There is no six. (President Schwarzenegger: Two?) Double it. (President Schwarzenegger: Four?) As you wish, sir. (Cargill grabs Option 4 and leaves. As he walks out of the Oval Office, he slowly reaches into the folder and pulls out a paper that reads "BLOW UP SPRINGFIELD"! Cargill smirks.)
~ Russ Cargill tricking President Schwarzenegger into approving his plan to destroy Springfield.
Let me ask you, Jack. When you first met Burton and the two of you were attacked and wounded... (Speke: Yes?) Did you ever read his official report to the army, afterwards? (Speke: His report? No, I never saw it.) It happens, I've read it. He makes no mention of you. Except to say that you were an inexperienced young officer who acted in a somewhat cowardly manner while under attack (Speke: He couldn't have written that.) But he did. You will not see that report, and neither will anyone else. I've had it destroyed. (Speke: I saved his life.) Of course, you did. If he slandered you once, he will do it again. Especially now when the stake is so high. (Speke: I haven't seen my family yet. They're expecting me.) Receive tomorrow, what you so well deserve.
~ Larry Oliphant manipulating John Hanning Speke into believing that Richard Burton slandered him.
(A door to an office reads "Ocious P. Potter: Attorney at Law. At his desk, Potter stands with his back to the Lenders) (Joe & Victoria Lender: No will?!) Horrible, isn't it? (Potter spins his chair back around to face the couple.) I've been through your late aunt's files with a fine legal comb, and believe me, it just doesn't exist. (Joe Lender: That's impossible! We were right in this office when she said she was leaving the house to us. C'mon, you were sitting right there!) Sometimes people say one thing, and then turn around and do something completely different. Or in your aunt's case, they turn around and drop dead.) (Potter presses a button and a box of cigars rises on his side table. He takes one and lights it.) (Joe Lender: I don't believe this! We gotta be able to work something out here!) I already have. (Potter gets up from his desk) The world is a train speeding towards the 21st century, and I'll be damned if our little town is gonna be left standing at the station! Ta-da! (He gestures to a table with a small penthouse model labeled "Potter's Apartments.") 24 highly expensive luxury apartments in the place of one house. (Mr. & Mrs. Lender stare in shock) (Joe Lender: You're demolishing our house for that?) You like it? You have until Saturday to move out. (Joe Lender: What? Saturday?!) (Potter shrugs, mimicking baby whines) (Victoria Lender: There must be something we can do!) Where there's no will, there's no way.
~ Ocious P. Potter lies to the Lenders about their house lacking a will so he can take over their property for his own gain and build luxury apartments in its place.
(Scheck sees Arnold and Gerald through his security cameras. He presses the intercom.) Security? (Head of Security: Yes, Mr. Scheck?) There are two young boys in the hallway, 40 feet from your security desk. (Head of Security: What? Sir, I...) Apprehend them and bring them to my office. (Scheck gazes at himself in the mirror, holding a cup full of cherries.) ♪Life is just a bowl of cherries.♪ (The guard brings Arnold and Gerald into Scheck's office.) (Head of Security: Sir, we found these boys wandering the halls unescorted.) Unescorted? (Head of Security: Yes, sir.) Without security clearance? (Head of Security: That's right, sir.) This is serious, isn't it? (Head of Security: Yes, sir.) We can't have young boys wandering the halls of Future Tech Industries unescorted without security clearance, now, can we? (Head of Security: No, sir.) No, sir. No, sir. And these small boys just snuck past security and wandered about the building unescorted. Is that about the size of it? (Head of Security: Yes, sir.) Yes, sir? But now, who's responsible for that? (Head of Security: Sir?) You're the head of the security, aren't you? (Head of Security: Sir, yes, sir!) "Sir. Sir. Yes, sir. Sir?!" IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY?! (Head of Security: No, sir. I mean, yes, sir. Sir!) (to Arnold and Gerald) There he goes again. (Scheck turns his attention back to the guard) I'll tell you what. Why don't you just go now. Go back to your duties as head of security. Who knows how many other boys are out there wandering the halls of Future Tech Industries unescorted WHILE YOU STAND HERE LIKE A BIG DUMB STIFF, REPEATING "SIR, YES, SIR! SIR!" (Head of Security: Yes, sir! [sprints out of the office]) What are you gonna do with a character like that? He's like a wind-up doll. "Yes, sir. Sir, yes, sir. Sir. Sir." I'll tell you, it's hard to get good help nowadays. (Scheck chuckles and closes the doors) It must be upsetting to be apprehended and dragged unceremoniously into my office like this, but I can't have young boys wandering the halls of my company unescorted. You understand, hmm? (Scheck sits on his desk, eating his cherries) My name is Scheck. And who might you be? (Arnold: I'm Arnold and this is my friend Gerald. We live in the neighborhood you want to tear down.) That I'm going to tear down. (Arnold: But we heard there was a government document that says the whole neighborhood is a national landmark and can never be torn down by anybody.) (Scheck gets out of his desk with a suspicious look.) Really? Really? I've heard about that document too. In fact, I had my people look to it. And you know what they found? The document doesn't exist. The whole thing's just a rumor, bogus. I promise you if there were such a document, I'd never go through with my plan. (Arnold: But the document must exist! It was part of a collection of local historical papers!) Look, my young friend, as much as I admire your thoroughness and direct approach, the fact remains: I don't have the document, you don't have the document. So the neighborhood's coming down. Any questions? (Gerald: What if we were to tell you that we don't buy your story?) Hmm. Security. (Cut to Arnold and Gerald thrown out of the FTi building)
~ Scheck lying to Arnold and Gerald about not being in possession of the document that declares their neighborhood a historical landmark.
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