For the three brains inside the Demon Statue, see Generalissimo.

The Demon Statue, the symbol of my great Black Ghost Organization, is finally done. Now we're ready to demonstrate our invincibility for all the world to see.
~ Skull upon the Demon Statue's completion.

The Demon Statue is a superweapon created by Black Ghost to serve as their ultimate weapon. It resembles a stone statue of an armored bird man, though it appears to actually be made of metal.

The statue is capable of emitting powerful and destructive radiation waves, as well as flight. Inside the statue reside the three brains that lead Black Ghost from behind the scenes.

The statue was constructed by the labor of the Pu'Awak people, with its production being overseen by Skull.


After driving the Zattan out and taking control of the Yomi Kingdom, Black Ghost second-in-command Van Bogoot put the kingdoms Pu'Awak people to work constructing the statue.

The 00 Cyborgs eventually discovered the Demon Statue, but were unable to stop its construction. When the Zattan attempted to reclaim the Yomi Kingdom, Skull used the statue to wipe them all out.

As the Demon Statue took off into space, Skull attempted to destroy the 00 Cyborgs with a bomb placed below the kingdom. However, Cyborg 001 managed to teleport the cyborgs to safety, save 009, who he teleported inside the statue.

After fighting off three of the newer Cyborgmen models, 009 confronted Skull and his superiors, the three brains controlling the statue. The three brains armed all of Black Ghost's weapons worldwide to set the stage for another World War. Before they could continue with their plans, 009 began firing his Super Pistol off at the interior of the statue, damaging the structure of the statue's system and causing it to explode.


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