The Devil Power

The Devil Power

The Devil Power (in Japanese: デビルパワー Debiru Pawā) is the mysterious energy of alien origin used by the Decepticon emper Devil Z and a plot element in the spinoff Transformers franchise Transformers: Super-God Masterforce. He uses either as a form of lightning or bolts and attempted to use to destroy humanity at the end of the series.

The full extent of the Devil Power's effects have not been documented, but it has been seen to generate effects as diverse as reanimation of the deceased, physical transformation of organisms, creation of interdimensional subspace, and producing destructive energy blasts. The Devil Power takes no one particular form, having been projected as waves, beams and lightning bolts of multiple colors.

The Devil Power was used initially by the Decepticon Pretenders channeled into them by Devil Z to bring the dead humans back to life. It was later used again to send the animals of Africa into mindless fury.

Devil Z then used it as a form of torture on his subordinates when they failed him. When he possessed Black Zarak, he devastated humanity intending to destroy both America and Europe from atop mountains, and also used it to kill his own soldiers.

He created an amplifier in Antarctica to eradicate humanity forever, but the Devil Power was finally destroyed when Devil Z was killed by God Ginrai.

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