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The Devotindos Kingdom is the Devotindos Empire homeworld, Emperor Devligus Devotindos reign and first become enemy neighbor of Zephyrus in Sparkster series.


The kingdom contains various buildings made of yellow bricks, red roofs and polluting chimneys and a street. Pig faces in some roofs, silos and domes. The atmosphere is cloudy with lightning. It was also shown in this kingdom lifeless rocky mountains with green toxic mud, pipelines, oil drillings, oil towers and pollution mists caused by polluting chimneys in various sizes.

The rule seat of kingdom is the Devligus Castle whose structure is huge, 4 chimneys and pig dome in top. Inside the castle contains machineries, teleporters, melted steel pit, crush floor and trone room.

Under leadership rule from General Sweinhart, was established an underground factory where consisted varios plumbings, wires, hot ducts, devices, security cameras, machineries, screens, teleporter chambers and cores.


After defeat Captain Fleagle and Axel Gear escape with Princess Sherry, this kingdom was invaded by Sparkster for save her. But this kingdom was strongly defended where Sparkster had to dodge the missiles, from heavy artillery and fighting with Devotindos soldiers until get to Devligus castle. Inside the castle, Sparkster had to escape from invincible robots, survive in crush floor, turn away from thorns and battle with Axel Geal until finally save princess.

After the Devligus demise in Pig Star, this kingdom is over rule from General Sweinhart. Evidenced in Deep Underground which this kingdom it borders with Wolf Kingdom when Sparkster was betrayed and being launched in this same place. Cyberswines Labs was discovered where in screen which Sweinart managed to conquer Zephyrus planned by 15 years ago and destroyed by Sparkster when destroyed the big core.

When Axel was defeated, Devotindos Kingdom had to be explored from outside by Sparkster to return in Zephyrus if was not for the air force contacted by Axel. Successfully, the Devotindos Kingdom was left behind.


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