The Dominus Librium is an ancient artifact and an item featured in the animated series Ben 10: Alien Force.


Alien Force

It was hidden on a remote island, protected by a gauntlet of traps and stone monsters. Kevin and Darkstar traveled there and were able to past the obstacles. They retrieved it steal it and used it to remove their powers, also their normal appearances. Afterwards, Darkstar stole the artifact from Kevin and fled.

Darkstar used the Dominus Librium on Gwen to steal her magic and it also took the powers of Swampfire as well. However, Kevin showed up and grabbed a hold of the artifact, causing it to overload and then explode, breaking into three pieces. After the Librium was destroyed, Darkstar's and Kevin's forms reverted to their mutated appearance and regained their powers.

Ultimate Alien

Darkstar managed to keep the "face" fragment of the Dominus Librium after it was destroyed, but it could no longer work unless it was given a powerful energy surge. Cooper Daniels and Darkstar put together a machine that would revert Ultimate Kevin back to his original form. Once that was done, Darkstar betrayed Ben and took all the powers that the Dominus Librium absorbed. However, Ben knew about this all along and had a contingency plan, he hit a button which canceled out Darkstar's power, and all the abilities were returned to their rightful owners, also resurrected the five Andromeda Aliens.

Powers and Abilities

It has the ability to absorb the super powers of two individuals. This could only done by having the two beings hold each side of the Librium. However it would also shut down powers of the two, which could only be restored by destroying it.


The Dominus Librium is known to be very sensitive when absorbing the powers of others. It were overload, it would break into pieces.


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