The Dragon Egg is the rarest and most enigmatic block in the videogame Minecraft. It is the unhatched egg of the Ender Dragon.

Obtaining and Usage

The egg appears on a pillar in the center of the exit portal from The End back to the Overworld after killing the Ender Dragon. However, the egg will teleport away if the player attempts to mine or attack it. The only ways to obtain the egg are to limit it so there's absolutely no air blocks for it to teleport to (nearly impossible), have it drop on a non-solid transparent block (nearly impossible), or push it with a piston (easiest). The egg will drop as an item, and the player can pick it up and take it. It gives off a light level of 1.

Other than a trophy and statement of your achievement, the egg can be used to respawn the dragon for more battles. If the egg is left on the pillar and End Crystals are placed on the perimeter of the exit portal, the egg will hatch and a new Ender Dragon will be unleashed. However, when killed, it will not drop another egg. This can also be done in the Overworld by placing the egg in the enter of a 3x3 area of valuable item blocks (iron, emerald, gold, and/or diamond).

Powers and Abilities

The egg gives off a light level of 1, allowing the player to potentially use it as an emergency light source, though the light is not strong enough to deter or kill mobs.

The egg will teleport away to a random location if the player attempts to mine or attack it. This is likely due to it being from The End and its Enderman-type nature.

If the egg is put on the center pillar of the exit portal and has End Crystals placed around it, the egg will hatch, respawn the dragon, and recreate all the End Crystals on the pillars. In the Overworld, the dragon will respawn in a flurry of lightning when the egg is places on a 3x3 area of valuable item blocks.


The egg appears as an dark black oval egg with round purple spots dotted around the shell.





  • The egg's respawn powers were added in version 1.11. Before that, it was simply a trophy.
  • The egg is one of the few blocks in the game affected by gravity.
  • The egg is stackable in stacks of 64, but there is only one in the game.
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