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The Dream World, also known as the Nightmare World, is the personal domain of the sadistic dream demon Freddy Krueger and is a recurring place in the A Nightmare of Elm Street series. In this dimension, Freddy is an almighty being, however he is weak if someone gets him to the real world.

The Dream World is the vast dimension where the evil Freddy Krueger takes his sleeping victims to the place, so he can torture and murder them.

In the Dream World, Freddy is powerful to the point of invincibility, and is able to withstand any injury that would normally harm or kill a normal person. He is able to warp and shape his victims' dreams to whatever he sees fit, mostly in the form of his victims' personalities and/or phobias. Any injury that his prey sustain in the Dream World affects them in the waking world as well, and, if they die in their dreams, they are dead in real life.

Although dreamers are able to manifest their own powers in the Dream World, they are rarely, if ever, close to being a match for Freddy's own power. Only Alice Johnson (the Dream Master) has shown comparable power to Krueger's within the Dream World.








  • The Nightmare Church was supposed to appear in the 2010 remake, but it was never made into the final cut.