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This is Ectobar glass. He won't hear you. It's shatterproof and soundproof.
~ Denis Rafkin about the Ectobar Glass, while he and the others were searching for Bobby Kritiocs.

The Ectobar Glass is a highly strong, but not completely indestructible, fictional type of glass featured in the 2001 supernatural horror movie Thir13en Ghosts. This type of solid is shatterproof as well as soundproof. One of the few ways of breaking Ectobar Glass is with a large and powerful expulsion of energy, such as an explosion.

The Basileus Machine is almost entirely comprised of Ectobar Glass etched with barrier spells to prevent the imprisoned ghosts needed to power the machine from escaping.

It is unknown whether the Ectobar Glass mineral itself is normal, or is of supernatural nature.

The Ectobar Glass panes within the Kriticos family's "dream house" inherited from Arthur's uncle Cyrus Kriticos have obliterated due to an explosion due to the malfunctioning of the Ocularis Infernum after the recent death of Kalina Oretzia and later the gruesome demise of Cyrus at the hands of the vengeful 12 ghosts he has trapped them inside. Only Arthur along with his 2 children, Kathy and Bobby, survived.