Ektor's Engine was a type of express constructed by Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel and used by Edgar Ektor to made his thugs invade all circuses of world in Aero the Acrobat 2.

This express is complete with green wagons full with red flags, barber's poles, clown faces in edges, spiked wheels, spikes inside and tents. The last wagon is Ektor's arena similar to sideshow stage contains the big head of same and white & red textiles. The locomotive is beige full with 3 white skulls, red letters (E and Stop), red roof, chimney with red stripes and skull in front.

In underground of Performer's Dungeon, this express was under construction by Zero. But when Ektor discover which Aero enter in magic box from his museum, the same made his thugs Batasha & Dr. Dis to distract him gaining time to finish.

After that Aero confront with his arch-enemy, the express is shown by Ektor where will execute the Plan B going in cavernous tunnel, but Aero enter this train to stop it. Combined with the defeats of Ektor and his thugs, the express finally was destroyed by Aero where the same press stop button saving all circuses.


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