Ektor's Museum was the Edgar Ektor's primary head office of his anti-amusement empire in Aero the Acro-Bat games.

For outside is similar with nuclear plant because from warehouses, chimneys, pipes and cooling towers with 2 initials red EE. For inside is similar with old castle consisting chess floors, wood stairs, lava pits, clown statues, pool with bubbling water, spiral pillars, guillotines, conveyor belts, electric lamps and iron structures.

This museum was build for 20 years ago when Edgar still children received the inheritance of his family to turned his empire became neighbor of World of Amusement. This place is explored by Aero to save his circus glow and public which was stolen by Ektor. Here Aero defeat fake ghosts, escape from fireballs, jump in saws, destroy robots and pass in lasers to battle against Ektor.

In second game, this museum is explore by Aero again when same find the secret chamber containing a magic box.




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