The Everfree Forest

The Everfree Forest is a mysterious dark forest and a location in the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This dank and eerie wilderness is filled with many evil monsters.


The Everfree Forest was introduced in the second episode of the first season when Twilight Sparkle reads a history book about the Elements of Harmony and when the main characters have to go into the Everfree Forest to retrieve the elements in order to stop Nightmare Moon.

The inhabitants of the Everfree Forest seeks to expand and take over Equestria. It is said a "mysterious foe" is behind these events who threatens to destroy everything. At the moment it is unclear whether the mysterious foe is the spirit of the Everfree Forest, a completely separate creature controlling it, or the Everfree Forest itself.

It is revealed that the "mysterious foe" is Discord who planted seeds that grown into the living vines before he was first imprisoned.


There are many monsters lurking within the Everfree Forest and many of them are Hostile Species and are a threat to ponies and most other peaceful animals and creatures. Most of the creatures found on it are beasts of myth and legend, some belong to true myths found in real life, while others, such as the timberwolves, are completely original.



  • ​The Everfree Forest may have been partly inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. Some fanworks even add DnD creatures in it.
  • The Everfree Forest could have been inspired by the Shadow Forest from My Little Pony: The Movie.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #27 and #28 story arc "The Root of the Problem", creatures and living vines from the Everfree Forest invade Ponyville. It is caused by a tribe of deer living in the secluded forest village of Thicket. When a construction company destroys forest land to make room for an amusement park, the deer use their unique magic to make the Everfree Forest expand outward, covering its bordering lands and villages in plants.
  • According to one of the My Little Pony comics in the German magazine published by Panini, a land outside of Equestria lies beyond the Everfree Forest.