Evil House

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The Evil House (also known as the Bad Dream House) is a creepy old haunted house built on an Indian Burial Ground that the Simpsons family moved into, and it is the titular main antagonist of in the first Treehouse of Horror special segment "Bad Dream House".

Homer bought this old Victorian mansion from Mr. Ploot, a real estate agent, because the house was huge and cheap. When negotiating for the house, Mr. Ploot repeatedly told Homer that the house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Homer decided to buy it anyway, not telling his family about the burial ground and forgetting about it himself. The family then moved into the house, with the displeased removalist helping them out.


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  • In the episode, when an unnamed removalist (voiced by the legendary actor James Earl Jones) finished unloading Simpson family's possessions into their house new house, Homer signed the paperwork, and patronizingly had said: "There you are, my man... and a dollar for yourself." Displeased with the paltry tip, as the removalist left, he mumbled: "A buck. I'm glad there's a curse on this place.".
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