Evil Makes You Monstrous

If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.
~ A quote from Roald Dahl's The Twits

Evil Makes You Hideous is a term used often to describe a phenomena in which a character becomes increasingly hideous the more he/she dwells in the dark side, be it the result of becoming evil in his/her own volition or external corrupting influence or both.

Like He Who Hunts Monsters, the term of a character whose appearance become increasingly hideous the more he/she commits evil acts or submitting oneself upon corrupting influence or even both has been populared by two separate articles of TV Tropes: Evil Makes You Ugly (where the character become increasingly repulsive appearance) and Evil Makes You Monstrous (the character's deformation not just on appearance, but also have personality that warped as worse as the appearance), but is technically did not originate on that website.

The term actually originated from various folklores, legends, and myths in real life about horrific consequences from committing a horrible crime/evil act, often as punishment of their actions. For instance, in Native American mythology, legends about cannibalistic monster named Wendigo is the warning about act of cannibalism; anyone who dare to commit such crime doomed to become a Wendigo themselves.

In many stories, heroes may warned by his parents/friends (typically the mentor figure) about horrific consequence of literally turned into monstrous creatures as punishment of specific crime or other evil acts.



  • Sméagol/Gollum: After he killed his own friend, Deagol, to get the One Ring, Sméagol gradually succumbed into the Ring's malice that feed on his inner darkness and gradually turned into a mentally unstable, hideous creature.
  • Mr. Hyde: As Mr. Hyde was embodiment of the darker aspects of Dr. Jekyll's psyche brought to live via. chemical means, the doctor will turn into a hideous monster whenever said personality takes control.
  • Lord Voldemort: Harry's encounter with partially corporeal form of a piece of Voldemort's soul that come from his diary and later revelation by Dumbledore about the Dark Lord's past clarified that Tom Riddle aka. Lord Voldemort used to be very handsome, but his meddling with Dark Arts began to deformed his looks that, upon his rising to power that schemed through manipulating Triwizard Tournament, his restored form looked more like a horrifying humanoid creature with snake-like nose and skull-like face compared to his former appearance.

Comic Books

  • Judge Death: Judge Death, Judge Dredd's undead nemesis, was already evil and sadistic due to sadism that his father taught to him. Death spent his whole life killing people before allowing a pair of witches to turn him and his three lieutenants into undead abominations to achieve immortality. Since he was already pure evil long before his transformation, casting off the last of his humanity means the outside simply started to reflect the inside.


  • Practitioners of the Dark Side of the Force: Practitioners of the Dark Side such as Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious would suffer deformation the longer they embrace the Dark Side, where the said deformation started from simply having yellowish eyes. But from there, it could get worse where the skin would become pale and fill of wrinkles, though this is not always the case.
  • Jason Voorhees: Being supernaturally enhanced to monstrous killer that can resurrect himself via electrocution, each demise and resurrection that Jason had, combined with his persistence to kill more victims resulting in him becoming stronger and monstrous over time. A testament of his evolution into more hideous killing machine was after blown into bits, his strong drive to kill more people somehow allowed him to return as parasitic worm zombies after only his heart that survived destruction of most of his body parts.
  • Freddy Krueger: Thanks to his deal with nightmare demons, the restless spirit of the child killer Freddy Krueger, who was evil from start, transcended into an undead dream-dwelling human monster.
  • Chucky: As a killer doll, he started off as cute looking doll, but it is obvious that due to his bloodlust and evil personality, the look of his doll form become increasingly hideous due to his doll vessel slowly mutating from plastic to actual flesh and blood.
  • Oz: The Great and Powerful:
    • Theodora: Beneath her kind persona, Theodora indeed have malicious qualities from start yet initially had no interest to do evil like her sister Evanora until she joined the latter's cause out of bitterness from seemingly betrayed by Oscar. Thus, upon consuming Evanora's tainted magic green apple, the once beautiful Theodora turned into a green-skinned, malicious wicked witch as dangerous as the apple's owner. Although, for the same reason her corruption proved pale in comparison related to Oscar's statement of her fall from grace being mostly from outside influence and can still revert into her former self if she can ever find the good in her heart again.
    • Evanora: Related to Theodora's case above, Evanora have delved into evil magic further than Theodora did as well as much more evil. As such, when Glinda broke her enchanted necklace, Evanora's glamour fell apart to reveal even worse damage; whereas Theodora somewhat retained a sliver of beauty in her corrupted form, Evanora looked more like a demonic beldam.
  • Demons (Supernatural): It was clarified that demons in the Supernatural universe started off as damned souls who were corrupted through extensive torture in hell.
  • Red Skull: According to Erskine, the reason Red Skull become eviler than he used to be as well as having his trademark skeletal face was the result of imperfect Super Soldier Serum enhanced him as much as it unveiled how monstrous he was inside; before his disfigurement, Red Skull already had negative qualities and power hungry traits to begin with, as opposed to Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America who only gained super strength but suffer no deformities since he was already good guy from start.


  • Blight: Even prior to his mutation into Blight, Derek Powers already evil from start. He killed his own employee Harry Tully in cold blood to test his invented nerve gas and later, murdered McGinnis who learned about the gas and make it appear the latter was the victim of The Jokerz gang. Even so, he failed and made McGinnis' son, Terry, who learned about his corrupt ideal with help of elderly Bruce Wayne, becoming a new Batman and stopped his evil plan to sell the gas. However, in ensuing fight, Derek wind up exposed by his very created gas and to make matter worse, radiation treatment that meant to save Derek's life mutate him into monstrous creature with glowing transparent flesh and black skeleton.
  • Queen Grimhilde: For wanting to be the fairest in the land by killing her stepdaughter, when the Queen Grimhilde decides to take matters into her own hands, she first concocts a potion that transforms herself into a hideous old Witch and spends the rest of the movie in that disguise, an act that proved to be symbolic since it explicitly showed how ugly she truly is inside.
  • Mother Gothel: The vain witch who raised Rapunzel solely to harness the rejuvenating power of Sundrop Flower in her magic hair is truly ugly both inside (as soon as she unveils her true, viler personality) and outside (her true form is a equally hideous old woman), a fact Flynn unveiled who cuts Rapunzel's hair. But since Mother Gothel feed on said power even before Sundrop Flower's magic unknowingly stolen by Corona kingdom to heal its ailing queen leading it to pass into her child Rapunzel for centuries, she can only lament the loss of her beauty before reduced into nothing more than dust.
  • Ludmilla: Ludmilla's transformation into an ugly dragon was not only to unveil how repulsive and evil she is inside beneath her vanity, but also true to the purpose of Baba Yaga's special potion; to show what the drinker is inside on the outside ten times.
  • Hildy Gloom: To the dismay of Hildy Gloom, Jollywood Gemstone Wand turned her into a hideous being due to the staff's magic reflected the extent of how unpleasant she is inside, an inversion to Queen Delightful who turned into a beautiful woman thanks to her good heart beneath her true, repulsive appearance.
  • Cray (Pirates of Dark Water): The wicked alchemist Cray got horribly disfigured by the Dark Water in an attempt to use the Dark Water in a potion to restore her youth and beauty, which ironically showed how ugly she was inside.


  • The Apostles: They are said to be humans who have sacrificed their humanity, dreams, and loved ones to turned into monstrous demons with a Behelit.
  • Acnologia: Once known as a man only referred as Doctor, Acnologia was betrayed by the very guardian dragon he eventually named himself after both as the reminder of the latter's betrayal and devastation of their former home. In his pursuit of vengeance against the original Acnologia and his brethren, Doctor overused his Dragon Slayer Magic to the point of becoming the fearsome Dragon King whose terrifying form reflected how far he had fallen.
  • Chirin: Chirin adopted the lifestyle that mostly defy his nature as a sheep (living and training in the way of wolves) in the pursuit of avenging his mother at hands of Wolf who became his reluctant mentor, unaware that both it and his hatred resulted him to grow into neither sheep nor wolf, but rather an abomination. He discovered this in harshest way possible by the time he managed to exact his vengeance.


  • Sorceress Power wielders: It was said that anyone who inherited the Sorceress Power would have physical changes which reflect on their personality traits: Had they become evil, their Sorceress power would resulting them taking more monstrous appearance. If they remained good, their physical change will not make them hideous.
  • inFamous series established that the state of a conduit (offshoot of human race with superpowers)' powers and physical appearance reflected that of their morality and mental condition; the eviler and/or unstable they are, the more hideous and destructive their powers and appearance can be. This was shown through Sasha whose physical features became less human as the result of mental instability from her obsessive love and fallout with Kessler which worsened after exposed to Ray Sphere explosion by the time Cole MacGrath confronted her, leading to the latter worried the same thing will happen to him.
    • Cole MacGrath: Cole becomes increasingly villainous and selfish should he frequently conduct evil actions and decisions, gradually becoming a supervillain who cares about himself and deformed to some degree. Most notably, his electricity turned dark red as opposed to his heroic self's light blue one.
    • Joseph Bertrand III: It can be speculated that Joseph Bertrand III's power to turn himself and others into insectoid monsters is allegedly not as hideous as it seemed had he not so evil and selfish in activating it via. Ray Sphere. Until his death, he failed to realize the reason of his conduit power's current state in his denial and ended up using it against other Conduits instead.



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