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The "Evil Monastery", also known as the "Evil Tower" and "The Tower", is a diabolical ancient tower-like temple home to the Shadow Priests located in the realm of Outworld and one of prominent locations in Mortal Kombat franchise.


As one of Shao Kahn's important assets, this wicked structure was built as the home of several Shadow Priests as well as the very place where they train their magics. In addition of the priests, the tower is also inhabited by samurai-esque armor-clad demons acting as its security guards called Demon Archers, Demon Captains, Demon Generals and Demon Handlers each tougher than normal humans. Being Shao Kahn's top and royal sorcerers with Shang Tsung as their commanders, Shadow Priests themselves also no slouch either, having mastered various spells so they can properly either guard portals linking to various locations in Outworld and attack trespassers with various magic spells while supporting nearby comrades with magical enhancements such as strength and vitality augmentation. Their training includes means to evade grabs and crippling blow meant to initiate Fatality (brutal finisher which typically involve severe mutilation on the weakened opponent).

Befitting to its other moniker Evil Tower and The Tower, Evil Monastery was built so high that a blue sky can be seen.

The Evil Monastery is also filled with death traps one can use against foes, such as retractable spikes, magma floor, and even blue portal that will (presumably) fatally suck in those who unfortunate enough to be hurled into it.

In 2011 game, the background of the Evil Monastery constantly shifts between night and day, filled with golden statues of robed skeletons holding swords across its chambers and at least a single sundial.



  • Originally, artist Tony Goskie had designed the floating monk in the Tower background in Mortal Kombat II. Ultimately, they were later removed.
  • In the first film Mortal Kombat, the Evil Tower itself ws also featured as the rocky, yet gothic towering citadel in shape of two connected buildings (first one the tallest, the other one is the second and small) called the Black Tower which is presumably the Emperor's castle or thought to be, however the distinctively-shaped window appears behind the altar of a ruined temple in Outworld where Liu Kang fights Reptile.
  • The Tower also made its appearance in Liu Kang's flashbacks within the episode "Skin Deep" of the animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm back when inside the tower, he first defeated Shang Tsung and won the battle almost like in the Mortal Kombat movie, save for the fact that Shang Tsung fell on flat floor rather instead on the floor spikes.
  • In the Sega Genesis version, there is no Shadow Priest present in the arena's background.
  • Originally, the Tower Stage actually had 4 big statues placed on both ends of it. Those probably got cut to save memory. Similar statues later appear in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks before the battle with Reptile.