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Villainous Overview

Evil Stare

Do I look like I'm joking?
~ The Joker as he shows off his comical yet insane evil stare.

As compared to the Evil Grin, villains are also known for making deadly glares or menacing stares: this is the Evil Stare, or sometimes called the Evil Glare, and it is or could be related to the Evil Eye. They usually make these kinds of stares, mainly whenever they are mad or trying to threaten the heroes and anyone else who gets in their way.

Eyes are never just for seeing; they can tell you a lot about the personalty behind individuals as well. The Evil Stare can tell what lies behind a villain, especially one hiding behind a friendly or seemingly sweet public face.

This type of look can curse, inflict suffering, or bring bad luck to anyone who has the misfortune of receiving it.

It's thought to be supernatural or magical in nature, so the person giving it could be a sorcerer or a witch or a monstrous being that is not of a human nature. The person who possesses the evil eye are usually characterized as being envious, hateful, or devious.

Eyes and eye motifs are traditionally associated with the spiritual and the occult, and unusual eyes are a common trait of mystical or alien beings from ancient legends to modern science fiction.

The body horror genre (often referred to as "biological horror") just would not be the same without eyes (or lack thereof). In animated shows and drawn media, the eyes often dominate expressions, and even in live action they are one of an actor's most important tools for emoting.


Furious Stare

When a villain gets upset, they get really mad look at their opponent with raging eyes, showing they are furious. After he meets his defeat on Mustafar, Darth Vader seems to give off a mixture of this, a Demonic Stare, and the Evil Eye while shouting, "I hate you!"

Demonic Stare

The villains can show a much scarier stare. They look towards other showing a more demon like in their eyes.

Insane Stare

When villains go insane, they show sighs of madness, meaning they have gone insane.

Menacing Stare

Villains can show a stare that show signs of threats to others to force to do what they refuse to bad.

Mean Stare

When villains look as them so cruelly, they express stares that are mean and disrespectful.


Stares sometimes are refer to as glares to show more strict and savage expresses, including their anger and hate towards others.

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