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Villainous Overview
The Fanatics


You're pathetic... But God loves even you.
~ Sister Claudia Wolf, after killing her former fellow fanatic Father Vincent Smith in defense of her faith.

Fanatics are people who are highly devoted to a religion or a political agenda to an oppressive degree. They are one of the most dangerous people the characters have to face as they believe that everything they do, no matter how horrendous, is somehow justified by their beliefs and they are even willing to die for it. They also brainwash others into thinking that their beliefs are correct and that everything else is wrong and go to extreme lengths such as calling their opponents "heretics" and even killing them, usually in the form of terrorism.

These people shows more than ordinary support for, adherence to, or interest in a cause, point of view, or activity. Fanatics and Zealots both suggest excessive or overweening devotion to a cause or faith. Fanaticism further implies unbalanced or obsessive behavior: a wild-eyed obsessing soul. Zealotry, only slightly less unfavorable in implication than fanaticism, even it implies single-minded partisanship of people seeking to believe in something.

A common behavior of Fanatics (especially Fundamentalists) is a tendency to dehumanize or demonize those not in line with their particular brand of belief, which allows them to lie to, abuse and otherwise mistreat those opposed to their beliefs, often in contravention of their own professed beliefs.

The most common Fundamentalists one will meet in the West as demonstrated in real-life and media are Christians, but there are also breeds of Hebrew, Islamic, Shinto and Hindu fundamentalism. Even Buddhism has had its "holy wars", exchanging campaigns of political repression, burning of scriptures and other related texts, and outright murder with Taoists in ancient China.

Fundamentalism is also something other than a religious phenomenon. Non-religious ideologies like communism, capitalism, socialism, racism, environmentalism, fascism, democracy, anarchism and even atheism can all attract their own brands of "Fundies" as well.

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