The Fascists


The truth is that men are tired of liberty.
~ Benito Mussolini's words.

Fascists are a political movement founded during World War I (though forms of it probably existed throughout history).

Fascists upheld extreme nationalist viewpoints that glorified their nation or race above all else and often held imperialist viewpoints that justified invading lands - they opposed pacifism and believed in a strong military presence.

Fascists were also supportive of a totalitarian state. Many of these ideas would later be adopted by Adolf Hitler when he formed his own philosophy/political movement known as Nazism.

Due to the extreme nature of Fascism and the suffering caused by it (and the similar philosophies of Nazism and Communism) it is a popular choice for villains - who can vary considerably on their reasons and methods compared to the real-world movement.

Like Nazis, Fascism also brought large impact with popular culture, where they became inspiration for villains in fiction as seen in listed villains below.


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