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The Fire Well

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The Fire Well is a preternatural dungeon-like arena both seemingly surrounded by fire and with its walls are decorated with the skeletal remains of the fallen.

The skulls of some fighters even litter the floor, and hellfire burns endlessly and deeply behind the arena's grates. The skulls that litter the ground can also be used as throwing weapons against your opponent. There appears to be only one entrance from a dark hallway.

The Fire Well might be part of the hoary Netherrealm, as hellfire burns endlessly and deeply behind the grates, and the fallen Elder God Shinnok awaits challengers to add to his collection of mutilated bodies. It is where the heroes of Mortal Kombat battled with him in order to save the realms.


  • There was an original sketch of the Fire Well but it wound up as a sketch in the Krypt and Kontent gallery special features of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance at this concept art was later incorporated into Outworld's Lava Shrine.
  • The arena has returned in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon with an updated mechanical and almost-less supernatural version of itself.
    • On its bottom level, a conveyor belt which players can utilize as a death trap, operates on each wall with a large wheel at their ends, crushing blocks of stone. Should any kombatant lose sense of their footing and be knocked onto the belt, their life would soon end as their bones are ground into powder.
    • A Hot Poker can be found on the bottom level which can be picked up and used in combat.