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Fort Redstar was a Russian military base located in the Boardin' Zone where was commanded by Boris the Beast who forced Aero's beloved girlfriend Batasha as slave. It is a located featured in the Aero the Acro-Bat games.

The fort is light purple with 4 red onion domes in towers and wooden door with red star picture in certer of circle. In outside, the fort is built in ice cliff with cold water full of ice pieces floating. Inside, contains a iron metallic, below contains the basement with cold water.

This fort was cited by Batasha in Bell Castle where she ask for help to Aero and escaped that place.

Arriving at this base during the surf in the snow, is finally explored by Aero in various periods to confront with Boris. In the courtyard, Aero had to face the communists led by Boris, breaking walls by activate switches, passing in invisible walkways, destroy fake walls and escape from avalanche to arrive in the fort.

After Boris's defeat, the fort is disabled.


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