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In all media, A frameup or setup is the act of the villain being framed by another villain, that is, providing false evidence or false testimony in order to falsely prove someone guilty of a crime.

Sometimes, the person who is framing someone else is the actual perpetrator of the crime. In other cases it is an attempt by law enforcement to get around due process.Some lawbreakers will try to claim they were framed as a defense strategy.

The antagonist must prove his/her innocence by evidence from the real antagonist, which is not easy. When doing so, they may create an alter ego/new identity for hiding their identity, or have someone else do the task instead. Anything could be happened when they managed to prove their innocence:

  • Discovers the real antagonist' conspiracy on something that would threatened the safety of their home/planet/universe/current reality.
  • Final battle against the true antagonist.


  • Sideshow Bob is framed by his older brother Cecil Terwilliger for trying to blow up the Springfield Dam, for which he didn't do. Even though he was innocent, he and his brother were sent to prison, since Chief Wiggum did not believe that.
  • Alejandro is framed by Mal for rigging the votes for Cameron in episode 8, ruined Courtney and Scott's new relationship by making Cameron kiss her and left him hanging onto a root in the hole, for something he didn't do. He tried to warn the others about Mal, but they didn't believe him.
  • Storm Shadow has been framed by Zartan for killing The Hard Master, for something he against at. He's also against killing any relatives in his family or women.
  • Heather is framed by Alejandro for sleeping with Cody in the loser economy, for which she didn't do.
  • During the Mystery challenge, Duncan was framed by Courtney for "murdering" Chris McLean (Although the real Chris McLean was actually still alive and they used a rubber dummy as the dead body).
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