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The Gene Bombs

The Gene Bombs are deadly bombs designed and used by the Xorda, and they are capable of causing the devolution of any species on any planet the Xorda race attacks.

The Gene Bombs were used during the Xorda's attack on Earth which resulted in the devolution of the human race into the four-fingered Overlander species (although it was apparently supposed to devolve humans much further back, to pre-intelligence). It also resulted in the rapid evolution of the animal kingdom, blending their DNA with that of humans to form the Mobian species.

Additionally, the Gene Bombs mixed with various beryl deposits beneath the planet's surface, resulting in an environmental cataclysm known in Echidna theology as the first of the Days of Fury.


  • There is a deadly device dubbed the "Gene Bomb" created by the violent extraterrestial species called the Dominators in the DC Comcis universe.
  • Likewise the Marvel Comics villain called the High Evolutionary also utilized a Gene Bomb device to devastate Earth's mutant population - causing an uproar in the Neo community.