Giga Volt

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The Giga Volt is a titanic mecha constructed by the Volt Army in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

The Giga Volt's armor is made from a special artificial metal called Gigazo Metal that possesses extreme durability, making it virtually impossible to penetrate. It is powered by a special power source developed by Doctor Mazenda. In battle it is shown to be extremely tough, even outmatching and defeating Live Robo in its first encounter.


The Giga Volt was created in a top secret project Bias called the "Giga Plan". As Kemp was first to finish his homework, he was selected by Great PRofessor Bias to pilot the Giga Volt against the Livemen. With the might of the Giga Volt, Kemp easily crushed the Livemen while they were in Live Robo. As Kemp tossed the Live Robo around however, the Livemen received help from two new mysterious mecha - Bison Liner and Sai Fire, who helped them to escape. The two mecha turned out to be piloted by Tetsuya Yano and Junichi Aikawa, the younger brothers of Takuji and Mari, who sought to avenge their older siblings' deaths by killing Kemp and stopping the Volt. As they skirmished with the Giga Volt however, Kemp was able to damage the Bison Liner's A1 circuit, preventing them from being able to combine. Kemp then left the Giga Volt to confront the Livemen personally, boasting about how he had gunned down Takuji and Mari before becoming Beauty Beast Kemp and blasting them all away. Kemp then returned to Giga Volt and refocused his attention on Live Robo, using the Giga Volt's Giga Field to trap it. However, Junichi and Tetsuya were able to use Colon to replace the A1 circuit, allowing for their mecha to combine into Live Boxer. Piloting Live Boxer, Tetsuya and Junichi managed to rescue Live Robo and knock the Giga Volt into its own Giga Field instead, leading Kemp to become trapped.

Kemp tried to get the Giga Volt free to no avail, leading Bias to intervene and destroy the Giga Field with a homing beam fired from his ring. The explosion of the Giga Field knocked Kemp out of the Giga Volt and allowed Doctor Ashura to swoop in and take control of the Giga Volt instead. Kemp attempted to retake the Giga Volt but Ashura told Kemp he was no longer worthy of piloting it as he had gotten caught in his own Giga Field, and Bias permitted Ashura to pilot the mecha instead.

Bias ordered Ashura to use the Giga Volt to attack a nearby city in order to demonstrate the full extent of the mecha's power. However, after Live Boxer combined with Live Robo, the newly formed Super Live Robo fought and destroyed the Giga Volt.

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