The Goldmine is an evil mining company built by Reverend Leland Drury, Mr. Heath, and the Miners. It is where they mine for gold and block the caribou's migrating path so the Haida can move off their land to a different place.

When the time comes, Henry, White Fang and Peter go into the forest, and Lily grabs her bow and secretly slips into the forest to join them. Henry and Peter find the bodies of the previous hunters who never returned. After Henry is almost wounded by a trap, Peter goes to examine the body of one of the hunters, and is suddenly killed by a bullet.

Henry and White Fang escape, being chased by the madman. Henry falls into another trap and is nearly killed by the man. He is saved by the timely arrival of Lilly, who shoots a fiery arrow in the man's direction, causing him to run away. Afterwards, Lilly gets Henry out of the trap, and they continue on their way rejoined by White Fang. Upon arriving at the hunting grounds, they find the path blocked and they cannot reach the herds.

They make to go back only to find themselves falling into a hole, which turns out to be the entrance to a mine. They discover Reverend Drury is behind the blockade. They decide to steal some dynamite to clear the path, but along the way Henry spots the Reverend, and in anger over his betrayal tries to shoot him.

Lily stays behind to give Henry time to escape, and she is captured by Leland's men. Henry escapes the mine, and White Fang defends him from the remaining miners while he sets the dynamite. The explosion clears the path and frees the animals.

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