The Great Tower of Bowser Land (also known as the "Great Tower of Bowser World").

The Great Tower of Bowser Land (also known as "The Great Tower of Bowser World" in Europe and Australia) is a gigantic casino-like tower that is both the grand attraction area and final standard course of Bowser's extravagent amusement park-like lair World Bowser, and the final story course in Super Mario 3D World. It is set in Bowser's Castle, now amusement-park themed, with a very tall tower on the center within the evil theme park.

The course begins near the remains of the Bowser Mobile and right next to it a zipline. If the players have a cat suit, scratching the golden tire wheel will make the car light up and make a foghorn noise. Then after jumping onto the zipline and jumping off, the remainder of the course is on the roof. The course contains Bottomless Pits, Fireballs raining from the sky, along with Spikes in the floor. After passing that, the Crazy Clown Ferris Wheel, Captain Toad awaits the players before them get on another zipline that leads to Bowser.

After that, Bowser appears and uses a Super Bell to transform himself into Meowser. The rest of the course involves climbing a large tower while Meowser shoots fireballs, scratches through the wall, and uses Double Cherries so his Mario doubles can assist. At the end of the course, a large POW Block must be hit four times to defeat Meowser.

A Clear Pipe to the Goal Pole above the tower reveals itself, and the course ends with all seven Sprixie Princesses rescued.

During the credits, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Blue Toad return to the Mushroom Kingdom, as do the other Toad Brigade Members while the sky of Mushroom World are filled with beautiful fireworks, celebrating the heroes' victory and the Sprixie Princesses' freedom. Bowser is trapped inside a bottle, Boom Boom is upset and Pom Pom tries to comfort him. The Sprixie Princesses also give their new friends a fond farewell.


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