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Green Lion Antiques is the mad religious zealot Dahlia Gillespie's antique store found at the northeastern corner of Central Silent Hill.


Silent Hill: Origins

The Green Lion Antiques shop is also visited by Travis Grady for a short time near the end of Silent Hill: Origins. After releasing Alessa Gillespie's spirit and the girl's paranormal powers warping the environment of the town, the truck driver Travis Grady must flee to the antique shop. Again, the hole in the back wall draws attention, and after passing through the tunnel inside, Travis enters a secret room used by the Order cult members.

Silent Hill

The widower Harry Mason, while on a frantic search for his beloved adopted daughter Sharon, goes into the store following his experience in the dark version of Alchemilla Hospital. He does so after Dahlia Gillespie's advice, using the Antique Shop Key she leaves behind.

Inside the store are various furnishings, some appearing to be of value. The importance of the store lies in a secret tunnel found in the back wall. The tunnel leads to a small room that has been arranged as a small altar. This altar appears to have been in use by the Order. After visiting the small shrine, Harry is then taken by surprise and transported yet again to the Otherworld version of Silent Hill.


  • The antiques shop's own logo, the "green lion eating a sun", is a classical motif in alchemy.
  • The shop's owner Dahlia shares a similar trait with fellow religious madwoman Mrs. Carmody who owns her antiques shop called "Bridgton Antiquary" (though the difference is that Bridgton Antiquary sells several mounted animals and glass objects alike).
  • In the first Silent Hill game, The antique shop makes another appearance as one of the rooms in Nowhere. In this iteration of the antique shop, Harry must use the Stone of Time obtained through the Zodiac Puzzle on the grandfather clock to receive the Key of Hagith.
  • Green Lion Antiques, it was unmentioned, was one of the stores on the set of the sequel film Silent Hill: Revelation.