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Grunty Industries (also known as Gruntilda's Industries) is a derelict nefarious industrial building located in Quagmire from Isle O' Hags built by the witch Gruntilda's minions and one of the locations from Banjo-Tooie, the sequel to Banjo-Kazooie.


This industrial zone in outside is a building with 5 floors, 3 roofs with 4 fans, 2 chimneys, 59 windows, front door, 4 emergency exits, sewer pipe and power cable. Inside contains a basement, machineries, toxic waste, depots and attic. In different floors contains train station, quarters, water disposal plant, trash compactor, air conditioning plant, electromagnet chamber, boiler plant, packing room, cable room and sewer access.


The construction of this factory was started in Freezing Furnace where inside contained lava. When the factory was activated, several wastes have been advanced as: warming in all ice, pollution in lake and a forest that had developed died. Evidenced in the crates that the purpose of this industry is sell briefs, junks, rubbish and other forms of uselessness to generate profits for Gruntilda.

The factory was explored by Banjo and Kazooie twice. On the first time, pair explore the factory in construction for find more 6 jiggles in the Freezing Furnace. On the second time, pair explore the factory already built for find 10 jiggles, 5 jinjos, 3 empty honeycombs and 3 cheato pages.

That same 2nd time which the pair entered this factory in Chuffy, Mumbo Jumbo had to jam all the machines with his magic, here the pair is transformed into washing machisne and occurred the battle with Weldar.

The industries started enter in downhill when the pair sabotaged all systems and defeated Weldar who was protector this complex. Shown on Banjo Pilot when this industrialization was deactivated, several lava pits began to appear back and Freezing Furnace was activated again (as shown in Cauldron Keep).


  • Grunty Industries is the only location in Banjo-Tooie that requires the player to defeat an earlier boss in order to enter the facility.
  • In Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, there's another version of Grunty Industries inside the Freezing Furnace world. It's possible that since Mecha-Grunty, Klungo, Banjo and Kazooie traveled back in time about twenty years prior to the events of Banjo-Kazooie, it's likely that Freezing Furnace is where the rest of Grunty Industries was eventually built.
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