The City of Hamunaptra


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Hamunaptra (also known as the City of the Dead) is a fictional Egyptian city in Egypt and a location in The Mummy.

It is an ancient lost city that served for many centuries as the resting place for the Pharaohs of Egypt and their treasures. The vast necropolis contained precious artifacts and antiquities from the wealthiest of Egypt's Pharaohic totality, as well as their remains, and was guarded by the Pharaoh's elite guards, the Medjai in ancient times and for centuries into modern times.

In 1290 B.C., Imhotep and his priests of Osiris raced to Hamunaptra with Imhotep's love interest, Anck-Su-namun's corpse to resurrect her by taking the Black Book of the Dead from it's holy resting place. While performing a ritual, Imhotep was about to revive his lover, but was caught and arrested by Pharaoh Seti's elite bodyguards, the Medjai who followed him and his priests before he was about to complete the ritual. As punishment, All of Imhotep's priests were all sentenced to be mummified alive. While Imhotep himself, he was sentenced to endure the fictional curse called the Hom-Dai by having his tongue cut off, wrapped up like a mummy, placed in a coffin where he was last but not least, buried alive with a swarm of flesh-eating scarab beetles and was kept under strict surveillance by the Medjai.


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