Living the dream.
~ The Happy Hearts Casino's famous slogan.

The Happy Hearts Casino is a giant royal casino run by the narcissistic Queen Mary Heart and her loyal husband King Winston who both ruled the entire magic world of Wonderland and it is a location in the 2009 Syfy (formerly Sci-Fi Channel) TV miniseries Alice.

This fabulous towering casino which is part house of cards, part skyscraper, was not built for the ruling Heart dynasty and the radiant "gem" of all of Wonderland, it was designed to a factory for producing "Teas", intoxicating emotion-comprised elixiers made from the extracted "Pearls" (positive feelings) of "Oysters" (Wonderland epithet for kidnapped humans from Earth).

The casino was destroyed by Alice Hamilton and her Wonderland friends and Prince Jack Fredick Heart (Jack Chase).


  • Grand Hall:
The main chamber of the Happy Hearts Casino, complete with sitting tables, elevators and red windows.
  • The Game Room

    The Game Room

    Game Room:
The popular main attraction within the Happy Hearts Casino. This gaming saloon is complete with a small performance venue at the center of the room with 4 stair pedestals at each side of the Game Room, used by dancing female Suits (often called by some as "Go Go Dancers") to perform on stage. The gaming tables in the room are prepared and used for game such as craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker.
  • Laboratories:
A series of labs constructed in the huge basement area of the casino.
  • Truth Room:
An interrogation room with magical technology that was designed to change the shape and color of its enviroment. It is where evil brothers Dr. Dum and Dee control the room and sadistically torment the prisoners.
  • Eye Room:
A room used as a prison.
  • The Happy Hearts Casino's Throne Room

    The Throne Room within the Happy Hearts Casino.

    Throne Room:
The royal chamber which is at the apex of the casino.





  • The Happy Hearts Casino Website

    The official Happy Hearts Casino website.

    The Happy Hearts Casino had a fictitious website of its own promoting Syfy Channel's Alice as shown in posters/artworks at alongside those of the emotion-based drug-selling Wonderland Tea Shop and the elite detective agency White Rabbit Inc.
  • The main theme for the Happy Hearts Casino is the 9th track "Disco Daze" of Alice (Original Television Soundtrack).
  • The casino is considered to be the “Caucus Race” of the original Lewis Carroll story, a perfect metaphor for the modern rat race where people run around in a circle competing with each other, but with no end in mind, because “No one ever loses, and no one can ever win.”. This is true to the popular casino quote "everyone is a winner" as said by one of the Suits in the casino's Game Room.
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