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Hell is a major location in the comic book series Spawn, as well as its many video-games, cartoons and movie adaptations - it is usually depicted as a fire and brimstone dimension much like the Christian version of Hell but is more abstract in nature with floating platforms and other alien structures (which is especially pronounced in video-games). It is ruled by Satan and there are other demon lords such as Malebolgia and Mammon that rule the 8th and 9th circles of Hell.Satan,Malebolgia,and Mammon served as the main antagonists for most of the franchise.Violator is also the archenemy of Spawn.Spawn was originally Al Simmons a government assassin who was killed and sent to hell for killing a lot of people and made a deal with Malebolgia to become a hellspawn in order to see his wife again but the demonlord tricked him not knowing that five years had passed since he died and learned that his Wife Wanda had remarried to Terry and had a daughter named Cyan. Spawn now fights the forces of both Heaven and Hell.

Known Residents

Appearances in Other Media

Movie appearance

Hell appears in the Spawn movie.

Videogame appearance

Hell appears in many videogames in the Spawn franchise,

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