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Hellvision is the main antagonistic force of the 1992 comedy movie Stay Tuned.

The Hellvison is a satanic television system that has 666 channels not available anywhere else. The purpose of the Hellvision is both to collect The souls of its victims and as entertainment for the Devil.

The Hellvision is occupied by the Hellvision staff who are tasked with collecting the souls of its victims. The way the Hellvision sucks up its victims is by a giant satellite dish.

When someone gets trapped in the Hellvision, which ends up happening to the main protagonists Roy and Helen Knable. they must survive for 24 hours and if they survive they are released, but if they die which the staff are trying to do there souls belong to Satan.


  • Spike
  • Crowley
  • Pierce


  • The reason the television has 666 channels is that is commonly the feared number (also referred to as the Number of the Beast or the Mark of the Beast) associated with The Devil.
  • The name is a combination of Hell and Television .
  • The reason why the Hellvision must release anyone that survives for 24 hours is because of a treaty with "the other side" (referring to Heaven).
  • Despite being the one who runs the Hellvision, The Devil is never seen.