You don't know what you did...
~ Supposed message that will appear after activating the shrine.

A Herobrine Summoning Shrine, also known as a Herobrine Summoner or a Herobrine Shrine, is a supposed way to summon the villainous Herobrine into your world in the game Minecraft.

While the shrine does not (supposedly) work in normal Vanilla Minecraft, as it has been made to work through mods. However, many players have claimed that they have summoned Herobrine in this way in Vanilla Minecraft.


The construction of the shrine is simple. All that is needed is:

  • Eight gold blocks
  • One mossy cobblestone block (some versions use a soul sand block instead)
  • One netherrack block
  • Four redstone torches
  • A flint and steel

Place the eight gold blocks in a square, leaving the center block empty. Place the mossy cobblestone/soul sand block in the center, then place the netherrack block on top of it. Place the redstone torches on the four side gold blocks (not the corners), then light the netherrack on fire. In most accounts, this is the end of the ritual. Other versions say you must kill yourself in the fire before Herobrine will appear. Some claim that when Herobrine is summoned, the time will change instantly to night. Others say a message will appear in the chat saying "You don't know what you did...".

After the shrine is constructed, the player should begin to see signs of Herobrine's presence in their world, such as finding trees without their leaves, two by two tunnels underground, missing items and blocks, redstone torches appearing in random places, strange behavior from mobs (especially villagers), and seeing Herobrine watching from a distance. It is important to know that once Herobrine has been summoned, he cannot be removed.


Other versions and forms exist of the shrine and how to build it. These variations include the Herobrine Totem, Bjorn Stromberg's version using redstone, a version using only four gold blocks, and numerous versions using mods.



  • The shrine supposedly also works on the mobile Pocket Edition, the XBOX 360 version, the PS3 version, and the PS4 version, but not on the Nintendo Switch version.
  • Despite multiple professional tests and theories, it has been proven to not work.
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