You don't know what you did...
~ Message that will appear after activating the Herobine Totem.

A Herobrine Totem is a variation on the Herobrine Summoning Shrine in the game Minecraft, able to summon Herobrine into the world. Unlike the latter, the totem has gained notoriety for being confirmed to work when using the Herobrine Mod. However, some have claimed that the totem has, on rare occasions, worked without it.


To make the totem, you will need:

  • Two gold blocks
  • One netherrack blocks
  • One Herobrine totem block (or another netherrack)
  • A flint and steel

Stack the two gold blocks on top of each other, then place the Herobrine totem piece (crafted by surrounding soul sand with bones), and then place the netherrack block on top. If you are not using the mod, some claim the Herobrine totem block can be replaced with another netherrack. In some versions, the base must be surrounded by soul sand. Lighting the top netherrack with the flint and steel will cause lightning to strike it, the Herobrine face on the totem block's eyes to turn red, and the message "You don't know what you did..." to appear in the chat.

Herobrine will now be in the world, doing things such as shaving leaves from trees, mining two by two tunnels underground, stealing items and blocks, placing redstone torches appearing in random places, possessing mobs (especially villagers), and stalking and attacking the player. It is important to know that once Herobrine has been summoned, he cannot be removed.



The herobrine totem.jpg


How to Build a Herobrine Totem and Summon Herobrine with The Mod
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