The Highbreed Weather Array

The Highbreed Weather Array is a giant weather-control tower created and used by the Highbreed and the DNAliens.


The Highbreed Weather is very tall and gigantic in height, about the same size as Way Big. It is more blue in color with a pink spiral on top.


The Highbreed Weather Array can alter the weather at will. The DNAliens used it to make the weather snow and cold enough for the Highbreed to survive in it.


The Highbreed Weather Array first appeared in the episode "Everybody Talks About The Weather", where it was being built in a crop field by the DNAliens. When Ben Tennyson and his team were chasing Alan, Jetray saw the circuit lords and Ben lead his team into inspecting it. However, Sheriff Mason mistakenly accused Alan of building the Weather Array thinking he had been absorbing all the heat to feed his powers. He was, however, proven otherwise when the DNAliens catch them and reveal their plan. They froze the crew with the exception of Alan (who is immune due to his fiery powers) and Ben (who thew out as Swampfire). While Alan distracted the DNAliens in the top of the tower, Swampfire knocked over the Highbreed Weather Array and destroyed it.

Appearances in other media

The Highbreed Weather Array made an appearance in the Ben 10: Alien Force (videogame) timeline as the 8th and final level.

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