The Hom-Dai

The curse of Hom-Dai exhibited by Imhotep.

The Hom-Dai curse which is the worst of all Egyptian curses, was an ancient malediction created by the ancient high priests of Egypt as a punishment reserved for blasphemers. It is a plot element in the 1999 movie The Mummy.


The Hom-Dai was used by the ancient Egyptians only to punish the worst blasphemers that committed the worst acts, and so was used very rarely, if at all. Although the curse was mentioned in text, there was no written case of it ever actually having been acted out, because the Egyptians feared it so, the sole known case of the Hom-Dai being carried out was that of the High Priest Imhotep, who committed the crimes of murdering the pharaoh and using the black Book of the Dead to bring back his love, Pharaoh Seti I's mistress, Anck-Su-Namun, from the dead.

The Hom-Dai was meant as so potent a curse that should any of its victim(s) ever arise, with them would have the power to call forth all the Ten Plagues of Egypt, as God had set upon the Egyptian country in Biblical times. The victim would be condemned to a cursed life that would not end even in death, as although a person cursed with the Hom-Dai might be physically dead, they were still capable of being brought back to life.

Bound to the victim's existence was a chest that, should it be opened, would leave those that opened it bound to the curse of the Hom-Dai, as the original victim would seek whomever was present when the chest was opened so as to kill them and assimilate their organs and fluids.


The Medjai perform the ritual punishment of the Hom-Dai on Imhotep.

The Hom-Dai was prepared by first cutting the person's tongue out, the embalmers tilting the victim's head back so that he or she would not drown in their own blood. The person was then mummified alive with scarabs, which would eat him very slowly over time. Reading from the Book of the Dead would revive the cursed individual, giving them the power of invincibility, but condemning them to be a spreader of pestilence. A reading from the Book of Amun-Ra would take the immortality from the cursed individual, leaving them vulnerable.

Powers and Abilities

The curse of Hom-Dai displays a variety of powers used by Imhotep who is infected with:

  • Immortality
  • Invincibility
  • Regeneration
  • If a body part is torn off, they can place it back where it belongs.
  • The ability to turn into sand.
  • The ability to travel via sandstorm.
  • The ability to create tsunamis out of water and sand.
  • Emit visions into peoples' minds using large liquid bodies.
  • Plague the world with the 10 Plagues of Egypt.