Horror's Hand is an ancient artifact and an item featured in the TV animated movie Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure.


The hand is golden bronze with black lines around it. There's an eye in palm of it that opens and moves on it's own.


Horror's hand is the most frightening object in the universe. The hand used to be on the left arm of Horror the Ancient. He wanted to get rid of his fears and he had the idea to put them all into a lone body part. So Horror went forward with his plan and magically transferred all of his 'fear' into his left hand, and then cut it off at the wrist.

However, his plan went awry, the act of transferring so much of the power of fear in one place rendered the hand into an object of unimaginable power. The 'Left-Hand of Horror' was literally able to bring to life the worst nightmare of anyone would approach it. On Horror's end of his predicament, the act had rid him of his fears, but had also deprived him of his left-hand which was bad as he was a "leftie". He could not reclaim it so Horror had no choice but to watch over his object of power on The Isle of Peril.

Powers and Abilites

The hand has the power to make anyone's worst nightmare a reality if they get close to it. The fears cannot be destroyed with weapons, the victim has conquer his or her own fear to defeat it. Only those who pass the test can claim it and use it powers to make them scariest being in the world. It also has an on or off switch.


The Hand however cannott affect anyone who's worst nightmare is already a reality. As result this would cancel out its power.

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