Villainous Overview

Hostile Aliens

Do not fear us, earth creatures.
~ The Aliens (Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders).

Although there are aliens in fiction who are on the side of good and help people, stories often tell of aliens who use their powers for evil.

These extraterrestrials are referred to as Hostile Aliens. They use advanced technology and destructive weapons of all kinds to conquer planets. Hostile Aliens are often portrayed attacking earth and abducting humans, usually for use in experiments.

Some hostile aliens can surpass earthling species by their intelligence and have a humanoid posture, while some are never humanoid. Most of them are conquerors, the others can be criminals, scientists, bounty hunters etc., while others can be terrifying predators resembling earth animals hunting on prey.

Some hostile aliens are parasites, and they often come across as murderers, kidnappers, man-eaters, tyrants, and crime lords.

Whether they are waging war on Earth, bent on conquering the galaxy, or intent on wiping out humanity, these aliens mean business - deadly business.

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