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The Hypnotist

You may feel powerless now, but soon you will watch the fear in men's eyes. As captain of my Furies your fame will spread throughout the universe. You will see the fiercest warriors flee your presence. Armies brought to your knees. Entire nations crumble at the mention of your name. You will know power you would've never known on Earth. Never again will you be lost. From now on you will be at my side. Forever mine, forever Darkseid's.
~ Darkseid hypnotizing Supergirl.

Hypnotists are a popular specific and special type of brainwasher. Instead of using manipulation, corruption, or possession, these characters will use mind control for complete dominance over their victims.


Stare into the spiral...

In reality, hypnosis is all based on the power of suggestion. A subject cannot ever go under hypnosis against their will. Furthermore, even when in trance, the subject cannot be forced to do or think anything they don't want to or do not agree with. Hypnosis in real-life is NOT mind control.


You're getting sleepy, sleepy, sleepy...

In fiction, hypnosis is a power used by characters to control and in many cases enslave victims, whether the subject is willing or not. The hypnosis can be achieved through technology such as mind control devices or trigger phrases, but it is most commonly achieved through magic or some other supernatural/unknown force. This includes the use of hypnotic eyes, hypnotic trinkets and clothing, and the iconic swinging pendulum.

In most forms of media, villains use hypnosis (though many heroes also use it). Villains typically use hypnosis for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To get the subject over to their side.
  • To gain control of the subject's powers and/or skills.
  • To remove the subject from being a hindrance in the progression towards a goal.
  • To extract information.
  • To render the subject helpless to their attacks.
  • To ensure the subject does not betray or oppose them.
  • To use the subject for perverted or sexual acts.
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