Inciting War & Chaotic Events

Inciting War and Chaotic Events

In any story, there comes a time when the villain or antagonist incites war, riots, fights, or other chaotic events for these reasons:

  • To shatter the bonds of a family or those between the hero and someone he or she loves.
  • For sadistic pleasure.
  • To tear a nation apart.
  • To start a war between two countries or nations.
  • To take over a kingdom.
  • To put the blame on someone, usually the hero.

For example, he or she can provoke someone into a terrible state or push him or her into a state that would lead to terrible events.


  • Koba guns down Caesar and lies to the apes about his death so he can wage war on the humans.
  • Iago gets Cassio drunk and incites a brawl, shattering the bond between him and Othello.
  • In the original Mighty Joe Young, a band of criminals provoke the titular ape into a beastly rage by getting him drunk and burning his finger, causing Joe to tear down the theater.
  • Mor'du shatters the bond between him and his brothers, causing his kingdom to fall into war.
  • Under Ultron's command, Scarlet Witch provokes the Hulk into a raging tantrum that leads him to almost destroy an entire city.
  • Francis Begbie incites a brawl by smashing a glass over a woman's head for sadistic amusement.
  • Dawn Bellwether, aided by Doug, poisons predators with Night Howler serum to make them go savage, throwing Zootopia into chaos.
  • Kent Mansley lies to General Rogard that the Iron Giant killed Hogarth, starting a chaotic battle.
  • Mandalore the Ultimate rallies the many Mandalorian clans and leads them to war against the Galactic Republic.
  • Sa'Luk starts an elephant stampede to distract the guards and invade the Sultan's palace by stabbing one in the rump with his claws.
  • General Mandible deliberately sends all the soldiers more loyal to the Queen than to himself on a suicide mission to attack the termites.
  • Digby Driver creates a news article about Rowf and Snitter carrying the bubonic plague, which causes the public to go into a massive panic mode and resulting in the government wanting to kill the dogs.
  • Emperor Palpatine combines the First Order to the Final Order so he can regain control of the galaxy and destroy planet or rebellion that opposes him.


Humans kill Caesar! Burn ape home! Go get them! Apes must attack human city! Fight back! Come! Fight for Caesar!
~ Koba lying to the apes that humans killed Caesar, leading to a war on the humans.
Sacrifice. To some, it is just a word. To others, it is a code. (Z [to Barbatus, under his breath]: Jeez. You know, I'm really bad at word games.) (Barbatus chuckles) A soldier knows that the life of an individual ant doesn't matter. What matters is the Colony. He's willing to live for the Colony. To fight for the Colony. To die for the Colony. (Z: This guy's crazy.) (Barbatus: Heheh! I hear ya.) At 0800 hours, we received word that the termite enemy has mobilized. We have no choice but to launch a preemptive strike. You are the Queen's finest. I know you will all do your duty. I am proud to send you into battle. (Z: Into--I'm sor--I'm sorry, into battle?!) Dismissed. (The troops begin to march on their quest, dragging the horrified Z along.)
~ General Mandible deliberately sending the Queen's troops on a suicide mission to attack the termites.
The world is changing. London must look beyond Municipal Darwinism and move into a new age. Tonight, we set a course for the savage heartland of the Anti-Traction League. The Shield Wall of Shan Guo and the lands beyond will become our new Hunting Ground. For centuries, Traction Cities have attempted to breach the wall. Their rotting carcasses lie at its base. But that will not be our fate. Tonight, London is going to demonstrate its new power, a power that will sweep all before it. Tonight, we take the fight to Shan Guo! (The city residents cheer.)
~ Thaddeus Valentine rallying the people of London in his plan to destroy the Shield Wall, leading to a battle against the Anti-Traction League.


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