The Infested Chopper

The Infested Chopper

The Infested Chopper (in Japanese: 出没チョッパー, Shutsubotsu Choppā) is a military helicopter possessed by the Infestants and a boss in Devil May Cry 2.

Demonic Possession

This chopper is one of the helicopters were purchased and owned by the Uroboros Corporation under their contracts and dealings with military governments of other nations. They are used to defend the international enterprise and their "city" located on Dumary Island off the coast of the Americas.

Later, one of these helicopter became possessed and controlled by ectoplasmic parasites called Infestants that fused with these machines. Now this military helicopter becomes the devils' tool of destruction.

The Infested Chopper appears attacking Dante after he destroyed two other possessed military vehicles that were targeting him. Dante defeated and destroyed Infestant-possessed helicopter and escaped with his life.


Infested Chopper

The Infested Chopper

The helicopter is a merely armed aerial vehicle with a rotating sub-machine gun and heat-seeking missiles installed in it. As the Infested Chopper, it became empowered while under the demonic influence of the Infestants and there is a demonic, organic armor with a bulging eye coating the tanks, indicating the physical manifestation of the tanks' demonic possession. While under an Infestant's influence, the chopper's is able to create more missiles out of nothing and continue to shoot down their targets wherever they are.
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