The Infested Tanks

The Infested Tanks

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The Infested Tanks (in Japanese: 出没タンク, Shutsubotsu Tanku) are military tanks possessed by the Infestants and bosses in Devil May Cry 2.

Demonic Possession

The tanks were purchased and owned by the Uroboros Corporation under their contracts and dealings with military governments. They are used to defend the international enterprise and their "city" located on Dumary Island off the coast of the Americas.

Later, few of these tanks became possessed by ectoplasmic parasites called Infestants that fused with these machines. Now these 30-ton war machines becomes the demons' tools of destruction.

The Infested Tanks appeared in the Dante and Lucia scenarios. Both devil hunters were confronted and attacked by the possessed tanks Each of those tanks is powerful but incredibly vulnerable due to its size. It can only rotate its cannon, which will never hit the player at close range, and a direct shot is practically impossible for it to make. Its high HP makes it best used for stylish grade developing and orb collection, although some of them have other demons like the Puias or the Flambats around them that could prove to be distracting.


Infested Tank

The Infested Tank

The tanks are merely armed vehicles with a rotating cannon and hidden sub-machine guns installed in them. As Infested Tanks, they become empowered while under the demonic influence of the Infestants and there is a demonic, organic armor with a bulging eye coating the tanks, indicating the physical manifastion of the tanks' demonic possession.
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