The Infinity Gems

The Infinity Gems

The Infinity Gems are 6 colored precious gemstones with vast cosmic power that were immensely powerful artifacts native to the Marvel universe alongside the Infinity Gauntlet and most famous for being used by the arch-villain Thanos to become, for lack of a better word, a god.

The Infinity Gems are the left over remains of a vast, omnipotent being that was said to have existed in the distant past but grew immensely lonely of its existence and thus died - its great power forming the Infinity Gems as a by-product of its death.

The number of Infinity Gems has traditionally been six, though a seventh has been revealed more recently and are as follows:

  • Space (Purple) - allows the user to command space as they see fit.
  • Mind (Blue) - allows the user to become the most powerful psychic in existence.
  • Soul (Green) - allows the user to steal, manipulate and alter souls while also being a vessel for a pocket-universe, the gem is also sentient, meaning it is alive.
  • Reality (Yellow) - allows the user to basically change reality the way the user sees fit.
  • Time (Orange) - allows the user to control time pretty much without limit.
  • Power (Red) - allows the user to command all power and energy that has ever existed.
  • Ego (Gold) - holds the essence of a cosmic being known as Nemesis within it, has only appeared in the limited series Avengers/Ultraforce.



  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Infinity Gems are instead referred to as the Infinity Stones, and are a natural by-product of the universe's creation rather than the remnants of a deity. Additionally, the colors are changed: Power is purple, Space is blue, Soul is orange, Reality is red, Time is green, and Mind is yellow.