The Iron Blimp

The Iron Blimp is the Iron Dominion's personal namesake royal dirigible.

This exquisite blimp was used to transport both the Iron Queen and the Iron King, as well as their allies and cohorts, such as the Bride of the Conquering Storm, and the Yagyu Ninja Clan from their home in the Dragon Kingdom to New Megaopolis' Eggdome.

The dirigible's arrival was personally supervised by the Dark Egg Legion's Grandmaster Dimitri, who wanted to greet the benefactors of their freedom from the Eggman Empire with "precision".



  • The aircraft has never been given a proper name in the comic book, but writer Ian Flynn called it the "Iron Blimp" on his message board.
  • The Iron Blimp shares similarities with the Blimpnik which is designed by the power-mad genius Dr. Robotnik. Both are evil dictators' personal namesake dirigibles used to transport these villains, as well as their allies to any destination across the sky.
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