The Ixis Resurgence

The Ixis Resurgence is a series of events that occurred on Mobius in the year 3237 in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series by Archie Comics. Within these events, the sorcerer Ixis Naugus returned from the brink of insanity and forced the Kingdom of Acorn's current king, Elias Acorn, to lose his title in the Kingdom. Naugus' plans of the Ixis Resurgence was to control the citizens of New Mobotropolis and establish a new Order of Ixis. Fortunately, he lost against the Secret Freedom Fighters in an attempt to take control of the Council of Acorn.



In an attempt to claim a Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone by King Max, Geoffrey St. John and Sonic the Hedgehog went to the pocket-zone to get another Chaos Emerald from Feist. After completing one of Feist's challenges, Sonic had obtained the purple Chaos Emerald, but Geoffrey had stabbed Sonic in the back, which caused the Blue Blur to get stuck in a paralysis for a short time. Geoffrey had then escaped the zone, and had traveled to the Casino Night Zone to take Ixis Naugus back from Mammoth Mogul's control. Mogul accepted Geoffrey's plan to form a new Order of Ixis and Geoffrey had gave the Naugus the Chaos Emerald. Naugus had returned back to normal and, at first, snickered at Geoffrey for not defeating the Kingdom of Acorn, but Geoffrey pleads that most of the members are not currently in the state of ruling a kingdom except one: Elias Acorn, Max's son. Naugus and Geoffrey leave Casino Night Zone and they quickly plan their way into New Mobotropolis.

Chaos Coming

It was about time for another Forget Me Knots concert at New Mobotropolis when suddenly, Geoffrey, in a black coat, runs in and takes the stage to present the all-new reshaped-Ixis Naugus in front of the citizens of New Mobotropolis. At first, NICOLE tries to lock him up inside a Nanite-powered barrier, but Naugus crystallizes the Nanites and tells the people he is here to claim the crown of the Kingdom of Acorn once again. Naugus then leaves the people and heads to Castle Acorn. Sonic chases after Naugus while Sally Acorn, Antoine D'Coolette, Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Amy Rose took care of Geoffrey. Despite Geoffrey taking down the Freedom Fighters, NICOLE is able to make a barrier around Geoffrey to evacuate the citizens. Sonic is able to reach Castle Acorn while Naugus was harassing Elias about giving the crown to the Ixis wizard. Sonic is able to get their and Elias gave him the Sword of Light to battle Naugus in front of the Council of Acorn.

Sonic and Naugus were at a battle in the castle while Geoffrey was dealing with his problem outside. As he told the Freedom Fighters of Hershey's death, Geoffrey told the citizens that if Naugus is king, he will make the city feel safe again. Sally and the other Freedom Fighters continued to fight, calling Geoffrey a murderer because they believed he killed Hershey. Geoffrey retaliated that she was killed while the two were one separate missions. Back at Castle Acorn, Naugus tells Sonic that King Max swore the crown towards him after his turn of the kingdom. But, Sonic continues to fight Naugus until he is pushed back away from the wizard. Elias comes in and fights Naugus that the crown is his, but Naugus beats him easily. While Naugus and Elias talk about the crown, Rotor Walrus tells Dylan, Hamlin, and Penelope Platypus to help the fight against Naugus since they were previous Freedom Fighters, but Penelope disagrees, saying that they are Council, not fighters. Rosemary Prower goes along further that the Constitution of the Council permits them not to fight. The Council continues to fight while Naugus and Elias hear their conversation. Back at the Civil Center, Geoffrey is finally put down and Sally checks up on NICOLE. NICOLE worries about the Nanites that were crystallized, which were destroyed by Naugus' crystallization magic. The citizens then begin to think that the Nanites are no match for Naugus' power and that Naugus should be the king.

At Castle Acorn, the Council still continues to fight about whether or not they should fight Naugus. An agitated Sonic then decides to take on Naugus, but Hamlin then retaliates at Sonic for being a hero that can skip the authority of the law. Naugus then comes back into the picture and tells the Council that Elias should decide. Sonic convinces Elias to get rid of Naugus, but Elias asks Naugus if he wants the Council as well. Naugus then tells him that he wants only the crown and the respect of the people. Sonic, furious, grabs the Sword of Light from Naugus and begins to fight Naugus again. However, Elias tells him that he can't kill Naugus for the people's sake and that Sonic is committing treason by pointing the sword at Naugus. Sonic does not understand that the Council is making things hard for him as he is trying to defeat Naugus, but Elias argues with Sonic about how this needs to be settled in a peaceful way. Suddenly, an earthquake disrupts the argument and Sonic blames Naugus at first, but the wizard admits he was not at part of that. They look outside, only to find the Death Egg Mark 2 above.

And thus, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters, as well as Geoffrey and Naugus, went to stop Eggman from destroying the city. While Sonic and Sally went inside the Death Egg, Geoffrey went alongside the Freedom Fighters' special while Naugus tried but failed to destroy the Death Egg with his Ixis Magicks. Just when things were going as to plan, a brand of light hits across the land.

Kingdom Come, Will Be Done

Once Super Sonic was able to set the world right again after the Genesis Wave, as well as Dr. Eggman's plan to reset the world, Eggman had a backup plan to destroy every robot in the planet. However, Sonic and Sally were able to stop that backup-phase, but with a cost: Sally was roboticized into Mecha Sally. Sonic was thrown out of the Death Egg but was able to catch Tails' bi-plane in time. Eggman then launch Project: "TITAN" and Operation: "DEADLY CUDDLES" into New Mobotropolis. The giant red sphere released to New Mobotropolis transformed into Titan Metal Sonic and it quickly began to rampage through the city. Naugus, having coming back from his minor-insanity, returns to the city to help destroy Titan Metal Sonic. Bunnie notices this attack and she quickly goes out and helps Naugus fight the robot. In an attempt to destroy the robot quickly, Naugus fires his crystal-magic upon Titan Metal Sonic, crystallizing the robot, but unfortunately, Bunnie was caught in the crossfire, being crystallized as well. To make matters either worse or better, Eggman launches a beam at New Mobotropolis, but it hits Titan Metal Sonic instead. The citizens notice Naugus' power and how he was able to destroy the robot, thus, they cheered for him, wanting him to become king of New Mobotropolis.

The Ixis Resurgence

Soon, Sonic and the remaining Freedom Fighters came into New Mobotropolis, finding Bunnie partially crystallized by Naugus' magic. Sonic and Amy then heard cheering inside the city and they quickly found the citizens of New Mobotropolis cheering for Naugus. Naugus goes up to Elias, asking for the crown, but the young Acorn refuses giving the crown up to Naugus, especially since he served the two generations prior to him. Sonic then comes in and begins to yell at the people, considering them having losing their minds. Geoffrey adds on that since the citizens can choose the Council, why can't the citizens choose the king? Sonic adds the fact that Sally has been roboticized, making Elias as well as the crowd nervous about the technology, as it was never suppose to work no longer, thanks to an unknown source. A shuddering-Elias begins to question to Sonic about this event, but Sonic tells him what he knows. Meanwhile, Naugus is questioned by his three inner spirits about the white-out's doing is making him hear the three spirits of Naugus once again. But, Suguna begins to tell him that if he wants the crown, he has to make the king look weak. Naugus, making a plan at the same time Sonic is calming Elias down, tells the people that which king would they rather have: Elias, a king worrying about his sister, or Naugus, a king who, unlike Elias, wishes to serve his people without distractions.

The citizens roar with cheer to his speech and Geoffrey steals Elias' crown. He places it on Naugus' head and the citizens crown Naugus as their king of the Kingdom of Acorn. Amy then tells Naugus about Bunnie, as she was crystallized a few moments ago. Naugus then goes to the Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital and sees to Bunnie. Elias, meanwhile, tells Sonic to see to Bunnie while he checks up on his family about the recent events. At the hospital, Antoine does not want Naugus to touch Bunnie, but Dr. Quack insists Naugus upon doing so, as his brand of "hocus-pocus" is the only way they can make her better again. With a flash, Bunnie is cured from her robotic parts. She does not believe what has happen, nor does Naugus. But, Geoffrey convinces him it was totally intentional and Naugus then tells the citizens of New Mobotropolis (who are watching outside thanks to NICOLE) that he rewards the brave heroes of New Mobotropolis for their outstanding bravery. Sonic then goes to Angel Island via Warp Ring and tells Knuckles the Echidna, Julie-Su, and Charmy Bee about the most recent events about Eggman and his Death Egg. However, Sonic returns back to Freedom HQ only to find Tails telling him that Antoine just arrested Geoffrey for treason against the Kingdom of Acorn. Little do they realize what is about to happen to them.

Battling the Battle Birds

During the New Mobotropolis attack by the Battle Bird Armada, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Rotor decided to defeat the outside forces of the Battle Bird Armada ship, while Naugus, as king, seized this chance to stop the invasion immediately by stopping the Battle Bird Armada. When he reached the location, he was greeted by the Grand Battle Kukku XV. He then punched Naugus off of their ship and the ship began to destroy Castle Acorn at ease. Due to this, a whip of energy released from the beam caused the unconscious Naugus to be in the crossfire of that event. Luckily, Sonic was able to stop the Babylon Rogues–Jet the Hawk, Storm the Albatross, and Wave the Swallow–and Speedy from taking Babylon Garden below New Mobotropolis from destroying the world. In order to tried to examine the mysterious ruins, the Battle Bird Armada then takes Babylon Garden and they crash land at a nearby snowy-region. Sonic and Tails would then investigate the Battle Bird Armada prior to Geoffrey's trial.

New Order Plan

After the Battle Bird Armada Invasion, a trial for Geoffrey was held at the New Mobotropolis Civil Center to either prove Geoffrey was an Ixis apprentice or a Kingdom of Acorn watcher. As Antoine D'Coolette lead the case, King Ixis Naugus presenting, and Hip and Hop as the judges of the court, the trial began. Geoffrey goes on to telling his life after his father passed on during Doctor Robotnik's coup d'etat. He was looking through his father's belongings when he found an Ixis artifact, which lets him communicate with the inhabitants of the Void. This is where he became an Ixis apprentice, telling the early stories of how he trained for Naugus' "homecoming" back to the Prime Zone. Geoffrey had trained by day thanks to his father's, along with other war lords materials. One day, though, Naugus told Geoffrey that he had found King Max and that the king promised that, once all of this battling was done for, he would grant Naugus the throne. However, once they were rescued, King Max did not grant Naugus the kingdom and he was eventually chased around the planet before being sealed back into the Void by Sonic and Tails. Antoine goes more into detail that he stole Sonic' knighthood and replaced the hedgehog with himself to be a Kingdom of Acorn knight. The skunk goes on to explain that the Kingdom of Acorn grew into something respectable after that incident.

Geoffrey then is questioned by Antoine if his marriage to Hershey Cat was all part of the plan to crown Naugus leader, but Geoffrey yells at Antoine, telling the commander not to belittle him for his wife's death. He tells the story that Hershey died on a mission in Soumerca by the Dark Egg Legion forces at Soumerca, otherwise known as the Felidae. Geoffrey saw everything that they worked for nearly being wiped out by the Iron Dominion takeover, so he decided to return back to his other objective in his life; returning Naugus back to the kingdom. Antoine then wraps up the case, claiming that the Ixis apprentice stole notes from war lords, including his father, and that he has been secretly working with Naugus while undercover in the Kingdom of Acorn. Hip and Hop then come to an agree, stating Geoffrey as a traitor and that he is guilty. Naugus, however, decides to use his only pardon as king on the skunk, allowing him to get off scot-free.

The next day, Naugus, using his Chaos Emerald, contacted Dr. Eggman, telling the doctor that Sonic and his Freedom Fighters will be protecting the Royal Family–Elias, Megan Acorn, and their child–to Feral Forest after the Ixis wizard took Elias' spot in the Kingdom of Acorn. Eggman would then prepare to attack the Freedom Fighters, his objective first being to destroy the Royal Family, but when Metal Sonic v3.5 attached towards Antoine, the mad scientist self-destructed in front of Antoine, causing the hero to suffer a coma. Naugus would then prepare an exile on NICOLE after her failure to stop the Battle Bird Armada invasion, despite the wizard's performance in the invasion. With the Nanites able to run by themselves without NICOLE monitoring the city, the Council votes on replacing NICOLE. All of the Council members, except Rotor, support the idea of getting rid of NICOLE. Rotor begins to yell at the Council, as NICOLE saved everyone single one of them months back. Uncle Chuck then calms Rotor down, as this movement is the only thing they can do to lessen the worries of the citizens of the city. Rotor then signs out of the Council out of protest, as he states "...the Council is for the citizens, and it just betrayed one of them.".

Upon Sally's selfless act of inserting the World Roboticizer into herself, Antoine being in a coma, and Bunnie leaving for "somewhere," the Freedom Fighters were gone. Amy and Tails were able to convince Sonic to not give up on their service to the world, thus Sonic agreed with them. However, Rotor then begins to tell the heroes that Naugus and the Council, excluding him, voted NICOLE to be exiled. As the Freedom Fighters were beginning to end, Sonic and Rotor came up with an idea: split the Freedom Fighters into two groups. Team Freedom would protect New Mobotropolis from any trouble; while Team Fighters would chase and try to defeat Eggman as well as save Sally around the world. All members of the Council except Naugus liked the idea of the splitting of the teams. Later on, Rotor would hold a convention to show off Team Freedom's tactics. When a glitch disrupted the Nanite systems on a building, which Team Freedom were able to save the citizens nearby from that mini-explosion. Naugus, thinking that he can protect the city without help, is not in favor for this team, as he continues his "plans".

During Eggman's attack on New Mobotropolis a second time, Team Freedom was there to help out move Eggman away from the city, taking down most of Eggman's sources, namely the Egg Swats. However, Eggman decided to launch Team Metal–Metal Sonic, Metal Tails, and Metal Amy–out on the heroes. Naugus was able to crystallize some of the Egg Swats, but right before the three spirits in his head started to take control of his body. Rotor's team were able to get Naugus out of the battlefield, and they, along with a secret team, push out Eggman's forces out of the city. As the battle was done, Naugus had then made plans to take down the Council, Team Freedom, and the three spirits in his head.

Geoffrey was sent by Naugus to find the bones of Ixis Vale in Windy Valley. However, little does Naugus nor Geoffrey know that a new team is out to stop their plans: the Secret Freedom Fighters. Half of the group–Silver the Hedgehog, Shard the Metal Sonic, and Larry Lynx–will go out to find Geoffrey and stop him while the other half–Elias Acorn, Leeta, and Lyco–will find Naugus to stop his plans. And thus, Silver, Shard, and Larry went to Soumerca where the Windy Valley is at. While there, they find Geoffrey's Extreme Gear and Shard places a tracking device on the board. They travel further into the Ixis Ruins, where they encounter several traps. Geoffrey hears the sounds of the traps and gathers up the bones of Ixis Vale quickly. Unfortunately, Geoffrey is caught by Silver and Shard, until Silver's cockiness was able to let Geoffrey escape. After failed attempts to catching Geoffrey, the skunk buries the the heroes inside the Ixis Ruins. He escapes with the bones of Ixis Vale, unbeknownst to him that a tracker is on his Extreme Gear.

Meanwhile, in New Mobotropolis, Naugus is awake in the early-morning and heads to the hole that the Battle Bird Armada made during their invasion. Unbeknownst to him, he is being watched by Elias Acorn, Leeta, and Lyco. Naugus heads inside the pit, and the three heroes follow via their flying suits. Naugus, thinking someone is following him, closes the entrance of a cave he and the three heroes went inside to. The three Secret Freedom Fighters then place a bomb on the entrance seal, but after a brief argument on whenther they should take action and follow Naugus or stay here led Leeta and Lyco to go search for Naugus. Inside the Ritual Chamber, Naugus is fighting with his three spirits inside him. One of the spirits suggested that sense he is alone, he may stop this "disguise" of his. Naugus is then mutated and Lyco screams at ths ugly sighting. This alarms Naugus and he chases after the Wolf Pack twins. Elias finishes the final touches on the bomb and he then hears Leeta and Lyco screaming. He goes out to help them, the three meet up and they have a plan to run away from Naugus, as Elias mark the pathway out of the cave while finding Leeta and Lyco. Leeta is captured by Naugus but Elias throws a flash-bang at Naugus, causing the wizard to lose sight of the interloopers. The trio escape thanks to Elias' bomb, but Naugus uses a windstorm to make the trio fall deeper into the Pit. Naugus, mutated still, then continues to make his way through the cave.

Back at Windy Valley, Shard blasts through the entry way to escape being buried alive again. Silver then remembers that Geoffrey escaped, but Larry reminds the team that Shard placed a tracking device on Geoffrey's Extreme Gear. Back in the Pit in New Mobotropolis, Geoffrey returns to Naugus with Ixis Vale's bones, only for him to see the mess in the cave. He then sees a mutated-Naugus, and Geoffrey is scared at this sight. Naugus returns to normal with his Chaos Emerald, and Geoffrey gives the bones of Ixis Vale to the wizard. Naugus then goes on to explain that he will make a new Order of Ixis with these bones, as they are directly right under the Royal Army HQ, and the wizard boastfully laughs at this plan. Geoffrey, at first, does not like this plan, thinking that Naugus was actually going to make a positive difference. Naugus then calls him a hypocrite, as Geoffrey had lied, stole, even cheat to get what he wanted. Geoffrey gives the bones back to Naugus, and the skunk lies on the floor to rest, only shocked at this plan.

Several days later, Silver, Larry, and Shard return back to Secret HQ, where they are berated by Harvey Who, the Secret Freedom Fighters' leader. The owl yells at them for not capturing Geoffrey, but Silver adds on that Geoffrey is an Ixis apprentice, thus he is a "magical" skunk. Silver also adds on that they were able to put a tracking device on Geoffrey's Extreme Gear, so they would be able to figure out where he went. They find that Geoffrey is at the same location as were Elias' team went to, but strangely, they have yet to return back. Silver and his team are then sent to find Elias' squad. Silver's team regroups with Elias and his team at the bottom of the Pit. Elias tells Silver that Naugus is "changing" of sorts and that he is conducting something in a Ritual room. Larry adds on that Geoffrey was sent to a crypt to find bones of some sort. The team figure out that maybe Naugus is performing a spell. Unbeknownst to them, Geoffrey is eavesdropping on the secret team and recognizes Shard's Power Gem, the one he found while he was at Mount Mobius and was used to make the Metal Sonic Troopers. Elias then mentions that Geoffrey is a real threat to the team and that he needs to be stopped at once. Silver, however, wants to just ask him to quit his treasonous ways. Elias then goes on to say that he is nothing more than a backstabber, but Silver keeps on saying that Geoffrey wanted a peaceful and just government, but maybe things aren't what he planned for. Elias then decides to go with this plan for now.

The next morning, Silver heads to Geoffrey at the Lake of Rings. Geoffrey apologizes for the other day, as it was business. Silver grudges at him saying that he buried him alive, but Geoffrey tells him that he has a rebuilt Metal Sonic on their team. Geoffrey smirks and calls Silver "Ace." Silver, shocked at Geoffrey for knowing his agent name, denies this nickname, but Geoffrey tells him to sit down. Silver tells Geoffrey that after finding some evidence on who destroy his timeline, he tells Geoffrey that this new Ixis Resurgence is cause of that. The future time-traveler goes on, saying that Geoffrey's wife, Hershey, would not want this resurgence to happen. Geoffrey hesitates, but he says it's too late. The skunk tells Silver that Naugus is planting a spell that night to hypnotize every Council of Acorn member, as well as maybe everyone inside the room. Geoffrey pleads for Silver to stop Naugus, as Geoffrey's future is already too late. Silver asks Elias if that information is good, and Elias, agreeing to what Geoffrey said, then comes down from a tree and tells the hiding Secret Freedom Fighters to stand down. And so, that very night, the Secret Freedom Fighters prepare to face Naugus.

Night time in New Mobotropolis rolls around, as the Council are having trouble getting inside the Royal HQ. Rotor is able to fix the lock on the door, and as the Council enters inside, the Constitution of Acorn is misplace. Cream the Rabbit is able to find the Constitution and gives it to the Council, only for the lights to go off. All of these mishaps are cause by Larry Lynx's jinx powers, as this event occurs simultaneously as the rest Secret Freedom Fighters fight Naugus.

The Resurgence

While Larry is distracting the Council for signing the new Constitution, Naugus is in the Ritual Chamber performing a spell to make a new Order of Ixis while a bemused Geoffrey watches. Suddenly, the Secret Freedom Fighters ambush Naugus. Geoffrey faces Leeta and Lyco while Silver and Shard face Naugus, as Elias plants bombs around the chamber. Naugus tries to suffocate Shard, but as Shard is a robot, he fails on killing Shard. Naugus wishes for his staff, and Geoffrey throws it towards the wizard. But, Silver, using his telekinesis power, throws Naugus' staff above the air, making Naugus vulnerable to attacks without his Chaos Emerald to keep him stable. Geoffrey then goes to Elias and he begins to fight the ex-king. Elias' mask is thrown on the floor during the two brawling against each other. Geoffrey mocks the ex-king, and Elias retaliates saying he's came a long way since he was a naive prince. Geoffrey agrees on this statement, and the skunk gives Elias' mask back.

Meanwhile, Silver is holding his own, as he is facing Naugus and taking care of him. Naugus then uses fire to surround Silver, and the future hedgehog is stuck. Luckily, Shard is able to save Silver and the robot shots at the chamber's sector, destroying the spell and the bones of Ixis Vale. Naugus, frustrated, tries to revive the remains of the bones via magic but Leeta and Lyco stop him from doing so. The Secret team then heads out of the chamber, as Elias activates all of the bombs he planted around the chamber. Naugus pleads help to Geoffrey, but the skunk ignores him. Shard makes way for the cave and the Secret Freedom Fighters escape. Geoffrey tries to escape, but Naugus puts crystals to stop the treasonous skunk from getting away. Geoffrey makes up an excuse that he was chasing the interlopers and Naugus worries what the public will think of him when they see this mess. Geoffrey tells him that if the Council says anything, tell them that you Naugus was exploring the chamber. Naugus grabs his staff and tells Geoffrey that his plan is a good idea.


The next day, Naugus is haunted by his three spirits, and they are complaining at him for not finishing the job last night. Suddenly, he starts growing weird mutations. Geoffrey tells the wizard to wake up, for he has a public image to maintain. Naugus then reward Isabella Mongoose as the newest member of the Council. As her first statement as Council member, she requests NICOLE to be back into the city. Naugus at first is agitated at this, as he can protect the city. But, Isabella tells the wizard that Naugus can't after what happened the other day. Naugus then starts to mutate once again, and then he leaves for the Council to decide on this idea. Naugus then goes to King Max to restore him (and take over his body), but his wife, Alicia Acorn, refuses the offer. She tells him to leave, and the king leaves at once. Naugus then goes to the Hedgehog Family and asks Jules Hedgehog if he wants to be turn back to normal, just like what happened to Bunnie (again, hoping to take over his body). However, both Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog refuse this offer, as first off, Naugus is enemies with their son, Sonic. Second, Jules needs to stay as a robot in order to live after a war-wound damaged him greatly. And finally, if Jules was fixed, he would be put under Naugus' "contract" for him to use like what he did to King Max years back. Naugus leaves after Jules treated the king.

At the New Mobotropolis Coliseum, Naugus and Geoffrey watches Mina Mongoose's newest concert until a glitch stopped the concert. Luckily, Team Freedom were able to rescue the Forget-Me-Knots and the citizens of New Mobotropolis. Geoffrey then points the blame on Naugus for doing this mess, but then he sees Naugus whimpering. Geoffrey apologizes to Naugus for this mistake, and tries to make Naugus see the good side of life for once. However, the three spirits in Naugus' head tempt him to "use Geoffrey" since he is under Naugus' contract. Naugus then takes over Geoffrey, using his body as a host to get rid of Naugus' mutations. The Geoffrey now then tells the Council that Naugus is sick and about to die. He also tells the Council that will they help him save Naugus from death. The Ixis Resurgence's status is unknown at this current time, as it is either continued or over, but it may the former.

The Council of Acorn are seen on the rebuilding of Castle Acorn, but due to a glitch, the castle was almost torn apart. However, NICOLE was able to fix the situation before anyone was harmed. Geoffrey nor Naugus appears during these events, but the former is likely not to be seen due to a Ken Penders trial that went on during the issue's run, while the latter took over Geoffrey's body.

Possible Future

Naugus having 3 Chaos Emeralds on his staff. A possible event for the Ixis Resurgence is that possibly G.U.N. (Guardian United Nations) might be involved with the Ixis Resurgence. In Sonic the Hedgehog #235, Silver the Hedgehog had asked his mentor, Mammoth Mogul, about what occurred in 3237. Mogul then tells the young time traveler that Eggman was leading his world-domination conquest upon Mobius, while Naugus was leading a Ixis Resurgence. At the current time, Naugus had already began the Ixis Resurgence but a flashback image showing Naugus holding three Chaos Emeralds, which were purple, red, and green, were shown on his sceptre. According to the comic storyline so far, G.U.N. is shown to have the red and green Chaos Emeralds. Naugus, at the same time, had obtained the purple Chaos Emerald, thus G.U.N. might possible go to war with Naugus or vice versa. Whether any of this is true is unknown at the current time thus far.

Key Events

  • Naugus returns back to reality when Geoffrey gives the Ixis Wizard the purple Chaos Emerald.
  • Naugus forces the crown of the Kingdom of Acorn from Elias Acorn.

After defeating Titan Metal Sonic, Naugus becomes king of the city. Geoffrey is arrested, but is pardoned by Naugus.

  • NICOLE is exiled by the Council of Acorn after her performance in the Battle Bird Armada Invasion.
  • Naugus is severely hurt after Eggman attacked the city a second time.
  • Naugus tries to make a spell to hypnotize the Council of Acorn, but fails thanks to the Secret Freedom Fighters.
  • Naugus takes over Geoffrey's body after severe mutations threaten the king.


  • It is possible that G.U.N. would've become involved with the Ixis Resurgence since Ixis Naugus would obtain the red, and green Chaos Emeralds, which are currently in G.U.N.'s possession, possibly connecting it to the Elemental War.
  • It is possible that Naugus will never actually get the green and red Chaos Emeralds, due to the fact that Mogul recalled the unaltered events of the past, but then Silver, who helped stop Naugus from reforming the Order of Ixis, would have potentially prevented Naugus from getting the red and green Chaos Emeralds, altering the past (once again).
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