Jhudora's Bluff

Jhudora's Bluff, also known as "Jhudora's Cloud", is the evil Dark Faerie Jhudora's floating castle lair and one of the many locations in the Neopets universe.

Her main home, the "Jhudora Castle" (or "Jhudora's Castle"), is a decaying, dark purple medival palace-like fortress atop a steep and swampy cliff located on a purple cloud that was magically suspended far from the magic cloud-like region of Faerieland and above the enchanted world of Neopia.

The Castle houses an untold number of rooms including her throne room, her laboratory with an inventory of potions and magic tomes, dungeons, and a garden. Surrounding her castle is the a huge purple stone wall with horn-like spikes on each side and the structure of wall's main entrance gate shapes like a demonic warrior helmet with horns and a stairwell within the main gate's opening leading to the crooked road to the mountaintop where the castle is.

Jhudora rules that land there as its own "Queen" and she calls it home. There, Jhudora enjoys the view from her cloudy lair and ponder, as well as treats her servants miserably.

Jhudora also practice her Faerie magic and conducts wicked schemes at her Castle in her quest to destroy Illusen, the good Earth Faerie of Meridell whom she hated so much, and to subjugate all of the magic world of Neopia to her tyrannical rule.



  • Jhudora's Bluff

    In the original art design that was meant to be the map of Faerieland before the final cut, Jhudora's Bluff was depicted as a decrepit castle in ruins resting on a steep yet swampy bluff in the mountains on the ground level.
  • It is also sometimes known as "Jhudora Cloud" and "Jhudora Bluff".
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