They took your wife away in a balloon? Well you don't need the police, pal, you need a psychiatrist!
~ Officer Curtis Mooney who dismissed the urgent phone call from one of Crescent Cove citizens whose wife is recently captured in one of the Killer Klowns' Klown Balloons.

Klown Balloons are thick, strong and unbreakable balloons used by the Killer Klowns in the 1988 sci-fi/horror comedy movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space. The titular circus clown-like aliens use their Klown Ray Guns to trap humans inside balloons.


At the sleepy southwestern American town of Crescent Cove, California, local teenagers Mike Tobacco and Debbie Stone find a large "circus tent" that landed in a dark forest. When they go inside, a white balloon with red polka dots can be seen along with 12 Cotton Candy Cocoons.

Later on in the film, Sergeant Curtis Mooney gets a phone call from a man, claiming that they (the Killer Klowns) took his wife away in a Klown Balloon but later dismissed as another prank of sorts. Later, during the Klown parade scene, Mike and the Terenzi brothers watch the Klowns' Klown Vaccuum Cleaner sucking in Cotton Candy Cocoons and containing Klown Balloons. So, they leave in their ice cream van.

Meanwhile at Debbie's house, three Klowns (Slim, Rudy and Bibbo) arrive and trap her inside a red-and-yellow balloon. Mike and Terenzi Brothers find the balloon strapped outside the Klown Kar. Debbie screams for help inside the giant balloon, so Mike, the Terenzis and Officer Dave Hanson give chase.

The Klowns arrive to an amusement park where their circus tent-like spaceship, the Big Top had landed secretly at the park's Crazy House attraction spot. They get annoyed by a patrolling security guard, who unknowingly does not want them to get inside the Big Top, so they killed him with Acid Pies before proceeding inside. Inside the spaceship, Dave frees Debbie by shooting the Klown Balloon with his revolver.

at the end of the film, Klownzilla, the leader of the Killer Klowns, explode, along with not just the Big Top and the other Klowns, but the other Klown Balloons as well.





  • It is possible that the Killer Klowns were going to turn Debbie into a female Killer Klown, since in the finale, the Terenzi brothers become separated and meet two female-looking Klowns, and ask them "Are you Debbie's roommates?".
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