His band is called "Loaded Diaper", only it's spelled "Löded Diper" on Rodrick's van. You might think he spelled it that way to make it look cooler, but I bet if you told Rodrick how "Loaded Diaper" is really spelled, it would be news to him.
~ Greg Heffley
Rodrick was always a half hour late picking me up. And he wouldn't let me sit up front. He said the chlorine would ruin his seat, even though the van is something like fifteen years old. Rodrick's van doesn't actually have any seats in the back, so I had to squeeze in with all the band equipment. And every time the van came to a stop, I had to pray I didn't get my head taken off by one of Rodrick's drums.
~ Greg Heffley

The Löded Diper Van (pronounced "Loaded Diaper") is the main mode of transportation for Rodrick Heffley and his band from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series and its live action movie adaptations.



It is assumed that Rodrick acquired the van before the events of the books and painted the band name on the sides when the band was founded.

The van has served as Rodrick's main means of transportation, both personal and business. He uses the van to store and transport the band's equipment, including his drum set. Because he needed the extra room, there are no seats in the van other than the driver and the passenger's.

When his mother forced him to pick up his younger brother Greg Heffley from swim practice over the summer and after school, Rodrick would force Greg to sit in the back and to be potentially crushed by the band equipment. When Greg finally asks him to ease up on the brakes, he agrees, but seeks out speed bumps all over the town to run over.

The van is also used by Bill Walter, the lead singer of the band. He uses it to get to the Talent Show in the second book.

It is shown that Rodrick cares immensely for his van, as he constantly works on it and hates whenever it is taken from him as a form of punishment from his parents.


The van in the movies is a modified 1993 Chevrolet Astro 4WD Passenger Van with the logo painted on the side. It shares most of the attributes and history with the book counterpart, but it also is used by Rodrick's other bandmates.


The van is a matte white van (Chevy Astro AWD in the movies) with standard black tires and the black painted logo of the band on either side. The movie version has added roof attachments, tow cables, and a painted-on black clothespin on the rear doors.


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