Deep in the Caribbean, hidden by an endless storm, lies LeChuck's fortress...
~ Narrator in Monkey Island 2.

LeChuck's Fortress was the ancient and disturbing LeChuck's castle-like lair before and after his death. The fortress was built on an rocky islet in an endless storm that surrounds this isolated island.

The fortress is made of bricks, wooden gate, a big skull in entrance and full with skulls and tusks. Inside begins with boardwalk, foyer with arrows, dungeon, maze corridors, LeChuck's office, torture room and powder depot. Is possible that these bones were the LeChuck's victms or his henchmen they failed.

After the LeChuck's death, this fortress was abandoned for years to be active again when Largo LaGrande stole the LeChuck's ghostly beard to resurrect his corpse.

This fortress is invaded by Guybrush Threepwood for save Wally B. Feed when same enter in LeChuck's cargo. Threepood traveled in maze with help of Bone Song noted to get in from office and captured. It was destroyed when Guybrush Threepwood unwittingly lit a match in a chamber full of dynamite after him and Wally B. Feed escape the lair's deathly torture chamber.


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  • It is also sometimes called "LeChuck's Island".
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